The MMO approved MS44 I-VMS device from Maritime Systems Ltd

The MMO approved MS44 I-VMS device from Maritime Systems Ltd

As one of the MMO approved suppliers for I-VMS (Inshore Vessel Monitoring System), Maritime Systems has responded to the new deadlines by increasing their number of engineers across the country to ensure that they can meet demand. 

They have partnered with 14 established marine engineering companies around the coast to provide local support in all fishing harbours. After registering with Maritime Systems, the local engineers will liaise directly with the fisherman to find a convenient time to install the I-VMS free of charge. 

The cost of Maritime Systems’ I-VMS is fully covered by an MMO grant and includes free installation, free local support and an unlimited warranty. Like all suppliers, they are offering 12 months free airtime with their device. 

With internal antennas, the compact device can be mounted within the wheelhouse or tucked away on the boat out of the way of fishing gear. It does not require any holes to be drilled or external mounting like previous VMS systems. 

The MMO approved MS44 I-VMS device from Maritime Systems Ltd

Maritime Systems also offers a free grant application service. Many Inshore fishermen do not have the time or resource to apply for grants and are missing out on many funding opportunities enjoyed by the larger fishing operators. Maritime Systems’ in-house grant agents will advise on what funding is available, preparing and submitting the paperwork with payment direct to the fishermen’s bank account. 

Grants are available for many different types of work, including vessel improvements, refrigeration units or quayside equipment, meaning this initiative could benefit more than just the boats. 

James Glover, Managing Director of Maritime Systems added, “We are committed to providing excellent customer service and support to the fishermen who subscribe to our service. The fishermen don’t want the I-VMS, so we need to give them more benefits to thank them for choosing our company.” 

Maritime Systems is showing its commitment to the fishing industry by donating to the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society for every subscription to its I-VMS service. Earlier this year they made their first donation of £1,500 from the December subscriptions and have now followed this with a new donation of £1,720 to the society, reflecting the fishermen who joined them in January. 

The Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society provides financial help to fishers, mariners and their dependents who are in need, and offer special grants to meet particular needs in crisis situations. Maritime Systems are committed to continuing their support of this important charity and will continue to make donations with every subscription. 

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