This week's Civil Hydrography Annual Seminar held online looks at seabed mapping programmes

This week’s Civil Hydrography Annual Seminar held online looks at seabed mapping programmes

The Civil Hydrography Annual Seminar, run by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, has been held online for the first time.

Organisers say they are delighted that more than 100 people attended this week’s event.

The MCA has overall responsibility for the UK’s hydrographic obligations under the United Nations’ Safety of Life at Sea or SOLAS Convention which it carries out responsibilities through delivery of the UK Civil Hydrography Programme.

Under the CHP as it’s known, surveys are prioritised and targeted at areas of highest navigational safety risk. It collects and compiles the hydrographic data, working with the UKHO to make sure the UK’s nautical charts and publications continue to be accurate and fit for purpose.

Andrew Colenutt, Head of Hydrography and Meteorology said: “This event provides an open forum for Government and industry to come together to share their seabed mapping programmes for the forthcoming years to enable longer-term survey planning integration.

“As the largest commissioner of seabed mapping in UK home waters, the MCA recognises its responsibility to lead initiatives to improve survey co-ordination and increase efficiencies.

“In addition to maritime safety, the work of the Civil Hydrography Programme also underpins development of maritime innovation, offshore energy, fisheries, marine spatial planning and conservation of marine resources, under the gather once, use many times philosophy.”

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Brian J McMullin Solicitors

Chief Executive Brian Johnson told attendees that he was proud of the fact that the Civil Hydrography Programme had continued to be operational through the pandemic.

He said: “This is largely due to the flexibility, dedication and hard work of my Hydrography team, our colleagues at the UK Hydrographic Office, our partners, and our contractors who have complied with the changing govt advice and rapidly introduced comprehensive policies to ensure survey operations continue whilst ensuring safety of all those involved.”


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