Mental Health Support Solutions signs ‘Mental Health in Maritime Pledge’

Mental Health Support Solutions signs ‘Mental Health in Maritime Pledge’

Mental Health Support Solutions (MHSS) is delighted to announce it has become a signatory of Maritime UK’s (MUK) ‘Mental Health in Maritime Pledge’.

The Mental Health in Maritime Pledge, which forms a pillar of MUK’s Diversity in Maritime Programme alongside its Gender Pledge, ensures that key maritime signatories at the highest levels recognise the importance of mental health and wellbeing across the sector. It’s a public commitment to improve mental health in the workforce and advocate its importance.

Charles Watkins, Clinical Psychologist and Managing Director at MHSS, said: “Maritime UK’s industry initiative is fantastic. MHSS is a proud supporter of the pledge to improve awareness and acceptance of mental health in the workforce. Mental hygiene needs to be incorporated into daily life, as a new norm, like brushing our teeth. The ‘Mental Health in Maritime Pledge’ is a great starting point for supporting wellbeing in the workplace.”

Specialists in providing mental health support and guidance, MHSS provides support to seafarers with 1:1 therapy and offers a free mental health hotline number which offers round the clock confidential and psychological support onboard and ashore.

Christian Ayerst, CEO, at MHSS, added: “Breaking down barriers on discussing mental health is vital to support seafarers and shore staff. Mental hygiene needs nurturing and understanding from the top of the hierarchy so it will filter down through the ranks, enabling mental health to be an openly discussed topic. We are fully supportive of the ‘Mental Health in Maritime Pledge’.”

 Source: Press Release

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Mental Health Support Solutions Signs ‘Mental Health in Maritime Pledge’

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