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Volunteers from St Ives RNLI have been left appalled and shocked after physical assault on team members. photo: St Ives RNLI

The RNLI lifeboat crew at St Ives, Cornwall were left appalled and shocked after two volunteers were the subject to a physical assault by a vehicle owner on Thursday evening, 23 July.

One of the lifeboat volunteers and the son of a senior crew member had asked the vehicle owner to move his vehicle from a car park space reserved for members of the lifeboat crew on the slipway, but instead of moving his vehicle, the owner subjected the pair to a physical assault.

The attack has now been reported to the police and other authorities who are investigating the circumstances.

In recent weeks, the slipway at St Ives which is used by the RNLI lifeboat, has been subject to a recent run of people parking illegally but these reckless acts has culminated in a physical assault on volunteers going about the essential service of life-saving.

The St Ives RNLI lifeboat PRO wrote on their Facebook page yesterday morning:

“Very shocking news to bring our followers this morning, in fact it’s difficult to believe we should need to communicate this message.

Parking on our slipway is restricted for Lifeboat Crew and RNLI only. This is so our crew can quickly make their way to the lifeboat station and park and respond to save lives.

Recently we have been consistently requesting individuals not to park on the slipway, and to please move their vehicles.

Such an incident occurred once again yesterday evening, and when one of our shore crew volunteers and the son of one of our senior crew members requested an owner of a vehicle that had once again parked in the crew spaces, to please move that vehicle – they were both physically assaulted. Everyone of us at the station is appalled and shocked that this has happened.

This is completely unacceptable in every way, our crew continue to provide a voluntary lifesaving service to the public in very busy, challenging and difficult conditions particularly right now, and should be able to do so without concerns to their physical safety.”

The said incident has been reported to the respective authorities, but if we do ask you not to park on the lifeboat slipway, please work with us so we can continue to operate and respond quickly.

Brian J McMullin Solicitors

Appalling physical assault on Volunteers at St Ives RNLI Lifeboat Station

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