The Fishing Daily Teck Talk Podcast S1 E01 – Oliver McBride talks to Jason Munro from Ecomotus on about their EcoPro Electrolyser system.

Jason Munro from Ecomotus on the The EcoPro Electrolyser

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Welcome to The Fishing Daily Tech Talk Podcast.

Here we cover a wide range on new technology being produced by businesses involved in the Marine and Seafood industries.

In this first podcast in our new series, we talk to Jason Munro from Devon based company Ecomotus.

Ecomotus are a company that has developed systems to help lower emissions and create greater efficiency in diesel and petrol engines.

The EcoPro Electrolyser system has been tested now on five fishing vessels with great results. It can be fitted to any size of an engine, from a supertrawler to an outboard motor. The system works in an ingenious way that helps the engine burn fuel more effectively, reducing carbon emissions and soot build-up.

Ecomotus designs and programmes they system for every individual engine and its workload. Successful trials with the crabber Emma Jane and the Galwad-Y-Mor, which met an unfortunate end when it triggered a subsea mine when fishing off the Norfolk Coast in December 2020. Even though the Galwad-Y-Mor was irreparably damaged by the blast, the Ecomotus engineers were still able to recover their device from the engine on the boat.

The EcoPro Electrolyser system can be used on any engine from lorries, buses, boats and generators used by fish processing plants.

Its application can save over 10% on fuel costs and depending on what your engine is being used for, Jason says that the savings are even higher.

Listen and find out more about the EcoPro Electrolyser.

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Tech Talk Podcast S1 E01 – Jason Munro from Ecomotus on the The EcoPro Electrolyser

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