The FD Podcast Series 1 Episode 25 – On this episode of The Fishing Daily Podcast, Oliver McBride is joined by Luke Pollard, MP and former Shadow Fisheries Minister

Former Shadow Secretary for Fisheries Luke Pollard MP joins the FD Podcast

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Luke is the MP for Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport, as the former Shadow Fisheries Minister he has been very close to what is happening to the UK fishing industry on the ground for the past two years between COVID and Brexit. He talks to about what has it been like for them?

Luke also talks about the CatchApp that under 10 metre fishing vessels are being forced to use and calls out the issues with estimating catches, overhandling fish and reducing their value, when the fish are weighed on landing.

Part of this ongoing issue, if the unrest with France over fishing licenses for the UK 6-12 nm zone. Both the UK and French government seem to want to draw a line under it but the French fishermen feel betrayed. In the Guardian on Sunday 12 December Luke talked about the next few weeks being critical for the seafood industry in the UK. What damage could a French blockade cause at this stage?

Marine conservation, Luke talks about the need for having a common policy on marine protected areas that applies to EU-registered vessels as well as UK boats so that everyone working in UK waters are treated the same. Oliver asks if the current government is doing enough to protect marine conservation, and if the Fisheries Bill 2020 does enough to guarantee fish stocks in the future.

The UK inshore fleet feel let down on the promise that the 6-12 nm limit would be exclusively theirs. Does this also damage the prospect of future marine management for the UK?

As Shadow Fisheries Minister, even the opposition held Luke in high esteem judging from the reception he got at his last Westminster Hall Debate. Oliver asks if he has any advice for Jim McMahon who’s taking over his former position?

Decarbonisiation the fishing fleet. What does this look like and is it achievable?

On Offshore Wind farms, Luke says that plans need to be put in place so that fishers can see what the future will look like.

Oliver asks what’s next for Luke Pollard MP in 2022 now that he has been moved to the back benches.

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