In the ninth FD Podcast of the series, editor Oliver McBride speaks The Fishing Daily editor, to Tom Rossiter from SNTech (Safety Net Technologies) about the current trials underway using Pisces LED technology designed to reduce bycatch in mixed demersal fishery. 

New Technology that can Change the Fishing Industry

By Junie Joseph/Assistant Editor

 Technology is always evolving for the betterment of human kind in order to work more efficiently and being cost effective no matter the sector of industry. Tom Rossiter, a marine scientist from SN Tech who is partnering with Associates Seafoods Ltd, Mark and Spencer’s and Young’s Seafood is conducting a project collaboration that will evaluate the influence of a new technology on undesirable bycatch in the Northeast Scottish fisheries. This new technology called the Pisces LED lights will lure bycatch to exit the trawl net of a trawler or avoid getting in the caught in altogether by means of different light variations. This will increase the selectiveness of the fish the ship crew is trying to gain for profit. The Pisces LEDs, which are lightweight and can fit in the palm of ones’ hand are attached alongside the fishing net or in different position variations for better results.

In his interview with Oliver McBride, Rossiter states, “SN Tech is a kind of fisheries technology company and we’re making kind of hardware to help the fishing industry work towards what we are called precision fishing. So, you’re going out there, you’re catching what you need to catch.” The mechanism of the Pisces LED lights is to make fishing more efficient and cost effective for crewmates on broad their vessels.

This project will run in the span of 12-months, from April 2021 to April 2022 among four different vessels, such as The Virtuous in the Northeast Scottish mixed demersal fishery. Rossiter and his group of analytical scientists will be keeping track and monitoring the progress of this project. As of now, modest improvement has been detected as Rossiter affirms, “So far we’ve certainly seen some decreases in certain species and increases in orders, and it depends on the vessel.”

Pisces LEDs may be the new leading technology in the fishing industry that can counterattack the time-consuming labor of fishing. With the four vessels undertaking this project with SN Tech, there is hope for the future regarding the fishing industry to propel economically and provide jobs for their community.