In the fourth FD Podcast of the series, Oliver McBride speaks to North Western Waters Advisory Council (NWWAC) Chair Emiel Brouckaert and Executive Secretary Mo Mathies 

The Fishing Daily Editor Oliver McBride talks to North Western Waters Advisory Council (NWWAC) Chair Emiel Brouckaert and Executive Secretary Mo Mathies in this fourth podcast of the series. 

In the podcast the Chairperson of the NWWAC, Emeil Brouckaert explains his role within the organisation and how he became the Chair. 

Oliver also speaks to Mo Mathies who explains her role within the NWWAC. 

The NWWAC is a body that is an advisory entity to the European Commission, specifically the Director General for Maritime Affairs. The Council is works on advice on policy legislation, management of fisheries and all the kinds of issues impacting the fisheries in the Northwestern waters area. 

The membership of the NWWAC is based on 60% of industry representation and 40% of other interest representation. 

The structure of decision making is to start with the General Assembly of all Members, obviously who are on an annual basis approving the word program. 

The Executive Committee then assigns the topics to be to be addressed to the regional or to the horizontal working groups and those working groups are basically the bodies who are preparing the advice on the topic that there that has to be given. 

The Executive Committee of the Advisory Council consists of 15 members representing the industry and ten members representing the other stakeholder interests. 

The NWWAC works on policy advice, legislation and management of fish stocks in the North Western waters. 

The podcast discusses the impact of Brexit on the Advisory Council’s work and how fisheries management will be affected going forward with the UK now an independent coastal state but in still, its waters lie within the scope of the NWWAC. 

In the podcast, the impact and concerns around the growth of offshore windfarms are discussed and also the EU Green deal and farm-to-fork strategies. 

Plus, what is in store for the NWWAC in 2021. 

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FD Podcast Series 1 Episode 4 – Oliver speaks to the Chair and Executive Secretary of the NWWAC

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