In the FD Podcast 13 of the series, editor Oliver McBride, speaks Dr Tom Pickerell from NAPA on updates us on FIPs, mackerel, herring and blue whiting.

The North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy (NAPA) Group was set-up in response to the mackerel fisheries in the North East Atlantic lost its Marine Stewardship Council Certification in 2019.

NAPA is a market led approach to improve North Atlantic pelagic fisheries management and is a collective of retailers and supply-chain businesses with a commitment to sourcing sustainable seafood. This collective is using its voice to advocate for long-term, science-based management of North East Atlantic pelagic stocks: for prospering oceans and fisheries, and business security.

Over time, this dispute has resulted in annual catches well in excess of the advised level for three commercially important species: North East Atlantic mackerel, Atlanto-scandian (Norwegian Spring Spawning) herring North East Atlantic blue whiting.

NAPA partners are a collective of over 40 retailers, food service companies, and suppliers, representing the majority of the purchasing power for mackerel, herring, and blue whiting in the North East Atlantic.

NAPA aims to drive sustainability in these fisheries by securing an agreement on total allowable catches (TACs) in line with scientific advice, as well as long-term science-based fisheries management strategies. The group intends to tackle these issues through the establishment of a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for mackerel and herring, and a MarinTrust Improver Programme (IP) for blue whiting. The FIP and IP both serve to drive political will while holding key actors and decision-makers to account.

In this episode of the FD Podcast, Oliver McBride welcomes back Dr Tom Pickerell of NAPA and he gives an update on the Fishery Improvement Projects for mackerel and herring and the Marin Trust Improver Programme.

Oliver asks Dr Pickerell questions on the recent unilateral quota increases that Norway and the Faroe Islands announced and what impact they will have on NAPA’s work and the future fallouts there maybe due to both countries action

FD Podcast S1 Ep13 – Dr Tom Pickerell from NAPA on updates us on FIPs and more

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