The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 2 Episode 5 – In this episode of The Fishing Daily Podcast, Oliver speaks to Cllr Tudor Evans OBE of Plymouth City Council about local government and the fishing industry.

Plymouth Councillor Tudor Evans on local government and the fishing industry

by The Fishing Daily Podcast in Audio

Cllr Evans has been heavily involved with the fishing industry in the city of Plymouth the past few years and Oliver asks him how it all started, what he has done in his time on the council, and how he ended up becoming so involved with the fishing industry?

Cllr Evans explains how he came to Plymouth but strangely enough he did not come from a fishing background. Oliver asks why did he feel he had to become involved?

Cllr Evans explains to Oliver his work with the LGA. Oliver asks should more local government bodies get involved with the fishing industry if it is in their area and asks how fishermen can get their councillors involved.

Cllr Evans talks about the Call4Fish initiative that came about due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Oliver asks about the ‘Tuck in with Tudor” videos and how it all started.

Recent events in Plymouth have led to fishermen being unhappy with the price of fuel and the availability of ice in the harbour. Plymouth City Council has a new leader in place and Oliver asks Cllr Evans if he believes all parties in the city can work together to improve the lot for their local fishermen.

One of the popular cities on the south coast of England, Oliver asks what does Plymouth have to offer for visitors.

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