The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 2 Episode 13 – Brendan Byrne, CEO of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association Organisation (IFPEA) speaks to The Fishing Daily Editor, Oliver McBride and says that Óireachtas members should be eating and promoting Irish caught and processed fish in their restaurants rather than shipping in foreign fish thousands of miles across the world.

Óireachtas members should be eating and promoting Irish fish says IFPEA Chief

by The Fishing Daily Podcast in Audio

The Óireachtas restaurant fish scandal, the fuel crisis and the future of the fish processing industry in Ireland post another round of decommissioning.

The Óireachtas restaurant fish scandal has raised heckles in the Irish fishing community. As the government and the Minister applauds the introduction of the Voluntary Permanent Cessation Scheme which will require 30 percent of the whitefish fishing fleet to be decommissioned due to the fallout of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, supplier to the restaurants have been asked to cater for the exotic tastes of our national representatives by sourcing hoki from New Zealand and Boston prawns from the USA, etc, fish that have to be transported thousands of miles, leaving behind a massive carbon footprint.

As Irish householders are being hammered with increasing carbon taxes, Minister for the Environment, Eamon Ryan of the Green Party and government cronies will be tucking into fish that have done more air-miles than most of us could manage in a lifetime.

It seems that Irish caught, and processed fish does not quench the pallet of the elite in Leinster House.

Oliver asks Brendan how his members have reacted to the recent revelation in the Sunday Times.

The Irish fleet is now facing a third round of decommissioning. This will mean less locally sourced whitefish will not be readily available to Irish fish processors, and they will become more reliant on fish imports or buying fish of EU member state vessel landing into Irish ports. Could Irish processors be force to pay over the odds for fish bought from foreign vessels caught in Irish waters?

Pelagic processors in Killybegs have already become reliant on buying blue whiting from Norwegian boats fishing in Irish waters, with a fleet cull and quota cuts is it inevitable the same will happen to whitefish?

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