The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 2 Episode 8 – Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation (IS&WFPO) CEO, Patrick Murphy speaks to The Fishing Daily Editor, Oliver McBride about serious issues affecting the fishing industry such as the Irish Fishing Master Register.

Irish Fishing Master Register divisive and horrific says IS&WFPO Chief

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The Minister of Agriculture, Foods and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue has decided to introduce an Irish Fishing Master Register for any Irish person who is taking charge of an Irish-registered fishing vessel. 

Patrick explains the current situation, “I think Oliver people don’t realise this applies to every single boat that has an Irish registration number on it, and this then is extended to every single person. And I mean every person, man, woman or child. Well over the age of 18 that is an Irish citizen. 

“So, anybody that takes charge for both when they come in and land at the pier right, is subject to be met by one of the Sea-Fisheries Protection Agency and they’re being tasked by your Minister now to check whether you have been accepted by him onto the Irish fishing Master Register. 

“And this was set up to be in compliance with European law under the penalty point system for Masters and skippers. But this has been extended by our own government than her own minister beyond a register of offenders, to a register of anybody that could take control of an Irish fishing vessel.” 

In order to get accepted onto the Irish Fishing Master Register, the person apply must sign a declaration, a declaration that makes them criminally liable if any information about them is found to be incorrect. 

Patrick reads the declaration: 

“I hereby declare that I signed this document freely and voluntarily with the full understanding of its contents, and that the information that I have provided herein is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. And that if any information provided herein is found to be false or misleading, I will be liable to prosecution. I understand that this document may be used in evidence in criminal proceedings.” 

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 Patrick continues, “Now, my viewpoint in that is this is a declaration. The person that’s making this declaration is saying that this declaration is of their own making because that’s what the declaration is. You declare what you say after that is your words. But in this case, that’s not applicable to an Irish citizen signing this form and remind people this is only the form to get onto a register. And the minister has made it a criminal offence for filling in a form, and that criminal offence could deny you your rights as a skipper are a bold honour to take your boat to see, turn your living. 

“People have to understand this.” 

Listen and find out more about the penalties that the Minister wants to impose on any boat owner caught with a skipper who is not on the register. 

Patrick and Oliver also discuss the indiscriminate acts of the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority in Killybegs. The Common Fisheries Policy – does it still have any legal standing post-Brexit and now with the onslaught of offshore energy. 

And the Fisheries Factsheet 2022 reveals a truth that the Irish fishing industry is in fact only getting 15% of the fish caught in its own waters, and not the 46% presented as a fact by the Irish government. 

The Voluntary Temporary Tie-up Scheme has been welcomed by the IS&WFPO but is there more to the scheme than meets the eye. 

Find out more in this episode of The Fishing Daily Podcast. 

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Irish Fishing Master Register divisive and horrific says IS&WFPO Chief

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