The Fishing Daily Podcast Season 2 Episode 15 Part 1 – Patrick Murphy CEO of the Irish South and West Fish Producer’s Organisation speaks with Oliver McBride editor of The Fishing Daily about ongoing EU-Norway bilateral negotiations where Norway is seeking to fish more blue whiting in the Irish EEZ. 

Irish fishing industry needs better deal on blue whiting says ISWFPO Chief

by The Fishing Daily Podcast in Audio

Oliver asks Patrick if he thinks the Commission is listening to the Irish fishing industry who object to the the EU granting any additional quota to the Norwegians without Ireland’s case being considered. Patrick says: 

“Well, let’s they can hear us. It’s whether they’re going to act on what they hear is the most critical part to us.” 

The blue whiting fishery that the Norwegians want in Irish waters is worth an estimated €100 million, compare that to the worth of the total Irish fishing industry which is worth approximately €160/€170 million annually. 

Ireland took the greatest hit in the EU fisheries sector when the UK left the bloc. It has been estimated that Ireland took an overall hit of 40% of the losses of fish from UK waters, something which the EU Commission has tried to justify by saying it was down to the fact that Ireland is the closest Member State to the UK. Ireland has found very little backing from fellow member states on the concept of burden sharing. 

Patrick says, “The Commission has now the opportunity to undo some of the damage that was done to us in the TCA deal where STCF said that Ireland paid 40% in value of the total money paid to EU 40%. So, here’s an opportunity you know to put things right.” 

They also discuss about the issue of trafficking of migrant fishers into the Irish industry and look how’s the industry itself has pressed the government off today to reform be A-Typical work scheme in order to improve the lives of those who come to work in the industry. 

Patrick and Oliver also talk about the new Sea-Fisheries Control Plan announced by the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority, and their recent annual report for 2021, and Oliver asks why the SFPA believe they have to hammer down on the Irish fishing industry, when clearly the report suggests that overall compliance by Irish fishermen is good. 

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