Ballydehob to Brussels – Patrick Murphy on why he’s moving into European politics  

The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 3 Episode 05 – Patrick Murphy CEO of the Irish South and West Fish Producer’s Organisation speaks with Oliver McBride about his decision to run for a seat the European Parliament in 2024 and the work being done to get Irish fishing’s rights recognised in the EU. 

Patrick Murphy on why he’s moving into European politics

by The Fishing Daily Podcast in Audio

Patrick Murphy, CEO if the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation, and native of Ballydehob, in southwest Co Cork has announced that he will be putting himself forward as a candidate in the Southern Constituency for the next European Parliament elections in 2024. 

Asked why he has decided to move from fishing to politics Patrick tells Oliver that it’s not a move away from fishing, but he feels that the industry and Irish rural communities need better representation. Something he has always been passionate about. He says: 

“Well, I was always involved in my local community since I was young fella. I have been involved in political matters and canvassing for various people, and liaising with different politicians, and reaching out to them. And I came to a stage that I spent most of my time giving out about politicians and criticising them and somebody said to me one day it’s easy to be the hurler on the ditch and why don’t you put yourself forward. I chuckled at it but since I’ve been in this role, Oliver, and coming out to Brussels and seeing how the legislation here is impacting us at home, and not just in the role that I have in there Southwest now, but also in my own capacity as an aquaculturist and fisherman myself. And even though we are part of the consultative process, I think we have to step up to be really listened to.” 

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