The Fishing Daily Podcast Series 3 Episode 25

In this latest episode of The Fishing Daily Podcast, host Oliver McBride is joined by Patrick Murphy from the Irish South and West to discuss the outcome of the December AGRIFISH Council.

The episode begins on a solemn note as they acknowledge recent tragic events in the fishing community, expressing condolences for the loss of a fisherman in Dundalk Bay and a member of Patrick’s association. Patrick reflects on the inherent dangers of the fishing industry and extends heartfelt sympathies to the affected families. Both hosts emphasise the close-knit nature of the fishing community and pledge support to those grieving.

Shifting gears, McBride and Murphy delve into the December Council’s results, particularly focusing on the Egger fish. McBride conveys disappointment in the outcomes, detailing significant cuts across various areas. Murphy sheds light on the impact of these results on Irish fishermen, highlighting discrepancies in scientific evaluations. He advocates for fair treatment and equal opportunities within the industry, expressing concern about the current fishery policy’s inadequacy.

The discussion further explores specific issues, including the Pollock fishery and the harsh cuts affecting small-scale boats. Murphy criticises the existing fishery policy, calling for a more sensible and collaborative approach to address the challenges faced by coastal communities. The hosts delve into the complexities of fishing agreements and negotiations involving Norway and the European Union, with Murphy providing insights into disparities and the need for Ireland to assert its rights. The speaker underscores the importance of transparency in negotiations and urges public support to navigate the challenges confronting Irish fishermen.

This episode captures the multifaceted dynamics of the fishing industry, from expressing condolences for recent losses to dissecting the intricacies of policy and international negotiations. The Fishing Daily Podcast continues to serve as a platform for informed discussions and advocacy within the fishing community.

December AGRIFISH Council a Disaster for Demersal Fleet says Murphy

by The Fishing Daily Podcast on Spotify

December AGRIFISH Council a Disaster for Demersal Fleet says Murphy

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