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Norwegian Fisheries Minister, Bjørnar Skjæran will extend the deadline for the smallest fleet to get tracking and reporting equipment in place. Photo: Norges Kystfiskarlag

Norwegian Fisheries and Oceans Minister, Bjørnar Skjæran will give the smallest fleet more time to get tracking and reporting equipment in place with new dates have now been decided.

The fleet between 10 and 11 metres were due to go live on 01 April 2023 with new ERS and VMS reporting systems but received strong condemnation from the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association and the Norwegian Coastal Fishermen’s Association who claimed that it was too soon and put these boatowners in a stressful situation.

The Fisheries and Ocean Minister has now announced that the new deadline for the fleet between 10 and 11 metres is 1 July 2023.

“Reporting is an important and complex issue, where I am keen to listen to those who wear the boots and that the scheme is as simple as possible. I believe that the administration should not demand that the smallest boats have their equipment up and running in the middle of the ice season. We are therefore postponing the deadline to 1 July this year,” says Skjæran.

Introduction for the fleet under 10 metres is also postponed: from 1 January 2024 to 1 July 2024.

Considering simplifications

The Directorate of Fisheries is now considering various proposals for simplification, and has invited the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, the Norwegian Coastal Fishermen’s Association and the system suppliers to a user forum on 16 March.

“We are looking to find a good solution that creates predictability and security, both for the administration and for the fishermen. The Directorate of Fisheries has needed more time than I anticipated, and we will return to the content of the reporting requirement after the meeting,” says the Minister.

Earlier, the Norwegian Coastal Fishermen’s Association had requested that the implementation of new reporting requirements would be postponed as the fleet is in the middle of a very busy winter fishing season.

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Skjæran extends reporting deadline for smallest fleet

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