The Norwegian sandeel fishing season has started with good numbers

The Norwegian sandeel fishing season has started with good numbers

Sandeel fishing has started with good number recorded from 20 boats across the fleet but only one catch of blue whiting has been recorded in Week 18 of 2022 according to reports from Kenneth Garvik, Sales Manager at Norges Sildesalgslag.

We got a bang on the sandeel with as much as 22,800 tons in the record. This is divided into 20 different boats with catches from 290 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes as the largest catch.

In the first part of the week, the fishing was moderate, while from Thursday it really picked up with day catches of over 700 hours for the best.

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The bulk of the week’s quantity is taken at the Outer Shoal or north of it. In addition, a few boats have taken good catches on the “Cable Ground” which is close to the border with the Danish sector.

The first sandeel that was fished this season was relatively lean with a fat percentage of just under 5%. Increasing fat content is now being reported, and we now see that the prices in the auctions are around 10% higher than at the beginning of the season.

With such a weekly quantity, it carries well on the quota. And 37,800 tonnes of the preliminary quota of 60,000 tonnes have now been fished. Several boats are now awaiting the final quota advice that the Institute of Marine Research will come after the ongoing cruise with “Johan Hjort”.

This advice is expected to come around next weekend.

Blue whiting:
We only have one catch of blue whiting last week. It was “Hardhaus” that reported almost 500 hours from the Faroe Islands.

The reports from this fishing are that there are many boats from different nations, with relatively poor fishing. So we do not expect much activity in this zone from Norwegian boats the first week.

Mackerel / horse mackerel:
From the smallest coastal fleet, we have reported 12 tonnes of mackerel and 30 tonnes of horse mackerel. These are catches taken in the areas of Rogaland and formerly Hordaland.

Normally at this time we have a larger quantity of mackerel in May. Low sea temperatures are still reported, so we can hope for warmth and little north wind in the future.

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Sandeel fishing has started with good numbers for Norwegian fleet

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