The Ministry of Trade and Fisheries in Norway has issued regulation on cod, haddock and pollack pollock north of 62 degrees north for 2023

The Ministry of Trade and Fisheries in Norway has set a temporary quota for Northeast Atlantic mackerel of 100,000 tonnes for 2023

The Ministry of Trade and Fisheries has adopted the regulation of cod, haddock and saithe north of 62 degrees north in 2023. The regulation will essentially be continued.

Quota notification

The distribution of the quota for cod is being continued while the government prepares a new quota notification.

“We are well underway with the work on the quota notification. An important part of this is the distribution of the Norwegian cod quota. In the hearing on the central theme of the quota notification, several indicated that they would like a different distribution than the one that applies today. We are now taking a closer look at this, and it is something we will return to. Until then, we will stick to the distribution adopted by the Storting,” says Fisheries and Oceans Minister Bjørnar Skjæran.

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In 2023, a new method for calculating quota flexibility will be put into use as a trial scheme. The background is that the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries asked the Directorate of Fisheries to assess the method for calculating quota flexibility for the haddock quota. This was a topic in the regulation meeting in autumn 2022.

Increased bonus for live storage of cod

The live storage of cod and the fresh fish scheme will contribute to the industry getting greater access to fresh fish outside the main cod fishing season. In 2023, the bonus on live storage increases to 40 per cent.

“In 2023, we will start sorting out the proposal to the Processing Committee that the species included in the fresh fish scheme must go to human consumption. We must also see this arrangement in connection with the coastal cod regulation, and then the knowledge base must be in place. Furthermore, I am increasing the bonus on live storage to stimulate more fishing on the scheme. We have said that we will make better arrangements for jobs on land. This is part of this,” says Skjæran.

3,000 tonnes have been set aside as a quota bonus for live storage of cod. The amount set aside for the fresh fish scheme has been reduced in line with the reduction in the cod quota. The fresh fish scheme will be continued with commencement on 26 June 2023 and a 30 per cent quota bonus.

Fished in an open group

Vessels in the open group receive the same vessel quotas for cod and haddock in 2023, while the guaranteed quota for saithe increases to 7 tonnes. The remaining quota for the open group in fishing for cod in 2022 has been carried over to 2023.

“There have been challenges in open group fishing in recent years, and I want to make arrangements for the smallest vessels to catch their quota. Participation in the group has decreased and we are passing on the vessel quotas for cod to next year,” says the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans.

It is seen from 0.9 percent of the Norwegian quota for the coastal fishing scheme and the guaranteed quota supplement of 8 tonnes will continue until 2023. Parts of the remaining quota in 2022 will be transferred to 2023 to ensure a provision of 3,000 tonnes for the scheme. 

The quota supplement of 4 tonnes for younger fishermen will also apply in 2023. The youth supplement applies to women up to and including 40 years of age, and men up to and including 30 years of age.

Source: Press Release

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Norway issues regulation on cod, haddock and saithe in 2023

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