Gollenes fishing Karstensens Shipyard

Karstensens Shipyard has delivered the new 69.99 m trawler Gollenes AS to the Ose and Kvalsvik families from Fosnavåg in Norway

Karstensen Shipyard has delivered new build 468 GOLLENES, a combined pelagic/whitefish trawler,  to Ose and Kvalsvik families from Fosnavåg in Norway.

On 18 June 2021, a contract was signed between Gollenes AS and Karstensens Shipyard A/S for the construction of a new 69.99 m trawler.

The new building has now been completed and handed over to the company who have a long and well-established relationship with Karstensens Shipyard. Gollenes AS was established in  the 1950s and became a limited liability company in 2008 by when takenover by Asbjørn Ose and Frode Kvalvik. This vessel is the Company’s third newbuilding and will replace the current GOLLENES. The trawler is headed by skipper Frode Kvalsvik, and the  next generation Ose/Kvalsvik is also on board in the  form of Ivar Ose Bjørneset and Willy  Kvalsvik.

The company operates combined trawl fishing, partly pelagic for herring and mackerel and partly for industrial fish combined with edible fish/whitefish. The new vessel will be operated according to the same principles.

Gollenes fishing Karstensens Shipyard

The new 69.99-metre GOLLENES built by Karstensens Shipyard

Ever since the contract of the previous “GOLLENES”, Rederi and Værft have worked closely together more than 12 years ago. The new project is therefore a natural extension of a successful and constructive cooperation.

Karstensens Shipyard say they are pleased with the trust Frode Kvalsvik and the rest of the  shipping company have shown with this order.  Returning customers are priceless advertising.

Like the other trawlers that the shipyard has under construction for shipowners in Norway, Scotland, Sweden, the Faroe Islands and Iceland,  the  new “GOLLENES”  are also of their own design.

After the delivery of new “GOLLENES”, Karstensens Shipyard has a total of 19 fishing vessels in the order book for delivery  over the next three years.

Gollenes fishing Karstensens Shipyard

The new GOLLENES at Karstensens Shipyard



The new vessel is a state-of-the-art combi vessel, designed for fishing for both pelagic and demersal edible fish with everything within the latest machinery and equipment.

To optimise and handle raw materials in the best possible way, the new “GOLLENES” is equipped with complete processing plants.

The hull is built of steel with two through decks, main deck and  shelter deck as  well as rear and boat decks with  deckhouse. The wheelhouse, deckhouse, chimney and fore and aft mast are built in aluminium.  The hull is built on round beam, with mirror and vertical bow and built-in bulb.  The stern is made with a knuckle-line/bulb bow and skeg for space for large propellers.

Below the main deck, the hull is divided into the following watertight compartments: Forepeak, thruster/sonar compartment, azimuth compartment, fuel oil high tanks, RSW cargo section with central RSW pump/manifold compartment, engine room with main engine coupled to  Reducer with propellers in nozzle and side propellers.

On the main deck are furnished: Forepeak, stores/Ozone room, vacuum pump room, RSW-cargo trunk section with central compartment for RSW cooling engine room. Aft of this interior section SB, machine shop BB and engine room gallery CL. Panel space and control room aft of this BB and then machine stores in CL.  Completely aft main store tanks and steering machine/hydraulic compartment. Layout with 2 double chief engineer hatch with toilet/shower as well as laundry, trim room and hallway/staircase.

On shelter deck are furnished: Stores in forepeak and engine room for port generator (DG3).  The stern of the butt of the factory deck and  aft of this closed loading deck, with deckhouse/siling box and hatches for the 9 RSW tanks  . Full width superstructure aft hatches, trawl workshop/stores BB, welding workshop and  exhaust and  ventilation shafts BB  and fittings SB.

Layout in superstructure: 3 crew hatches, all with private shower/toilet, changing room/coffee shop with shared toilet, oilcloth room and hallways and stairs.

Aft of superstructure is furnished large trawl deck with a total of 4 net drums, arranged side-by-side / waterfall arrangement, with front undercoil.  On the stern mirror are built 2 hydraulic stern gates and 2 x 3 pcs hydraulic guide rods.

On the rear deck 2 anchor winches in housing under foremast and mooring equipment.  Esteem for this roller damper tank.  Also, at rear/boat deck level is mounted main deck crane.  On the boat deck, aft of amidships, deckhouses are mounted in the centre.  Layout in deckhouse with: Fair, day room, laundry, galley  with provisions room (and separate fridge-freezer rooms), hospital, shared toile and  corridors and stairs. On the BB side of interior design built in MOB boat and –davit. Aft of this separate structure furnished with fan compartments for engine rooms and hydraulic compartments as well as exhaust trunks.

Aft of the deckhouse, on boat decks, 3 pieces of trawl wincher are mounted, as well as chimney and  end-saviour wincher SB and BB. Completely aft are double fish pumping stations SB and BB mounted. Trawl gallows with suspension for 3 trawl and 2 saviour blocks completely aft.

On boat deck 02 deckhouse with décor. Layout in deck house with: 6 hatches (with private shower / toilet), laundry, shared toilet, electronics room and hallways and stairs.

Gollenes trawler Karstensens Shipyard

The GOLLENES trawl deck



Overall length ………………… 69.99 m

Length between PP ……….. 66.20 m

Width moulded ………………. 14.80 m

Maximum width ……………… 15.50 m

Depth shelter dec………………. 8.30 m

Depth main deck ………………… 5.70 m

Scantling draught ………………. 7.70 m


Fuel oil ……………………………… 435 m³

Fresh water ………………………… 35 m³

Lubricating oil ………………………19 m³

RSW tanks ……………………….1963 m³

Meadow silo tanks ………………..35 m³

Tonnage……………………………. 2523 GT

Design: Karstensens Skibsværft A/S

Test drive speed/average:

  • 17.0 knots diesel mechanical.
  • 17.4 knots incl boost.

Class: DNV +1A E0 TMON Ice-C, Fishing Vessel.



Gollenes trawler wheelhouse Karstensens

Inside the wheelhouse on the new GOLLENES

Wheelhouse on bridge deck with 360° sight.


Electronic equipment (navigation, fish search, communication) supplied by Marineelektronikk, Ålesund  and  Furuno Norway and installed by KS Elektro.

Main components:

  • Matrise system: Furuno BlueBridge.
  • LF sonar: 1 x Furuno FSV-25.
  • MF sonar: 1 x Furuno FSV-85.
  • HF sonar: 1 x Furuno FSV-75.
  • Sonar: 1 x Furuno FCV-38
  • 1 x Furuno FCV-1900
  • 1 x Furuno FSS-3BB
Gollenes trawler wheelhouse Karstensens
  • Trawl sonar: 1 x Furuno Imagenex TS-360
  • Net monitoring: 1 x Scanmar ScanBas 365
  • Power log: 1 x Furuno CI68
  • Radar, S-band: 1 x Furuno 2238 BB.
  • Radar, X-band: 1 x Furuno 2318 BB.
  • Radar 1 x Furuno DRS6A-NXT
  • Gyro: 1 x Simrad GC80.
  • GPS gyro: 1 x Furuno SC-70.
  • Autopilot: 1 x Simrad AP80.
  • Ecdis: 2 x Tecdis T-2138A.
  • Plotter : 1 x MaxSea Time Zero.
  • 1 x Olex.
  • 1 x Sodena.
  • SSB: Sailor 6310.
Gollenes trawler wheelhouse Karstensens
  • VHF equipment: 2 x Sailor 7222 DSC
  • 3 x Sailor 6210.
  • Thermal imager: Flir M364C, gyro stabilized
  • V-set communication: Telenor.
  • Satellite phone Iridium LT-3100.
  • Sat-TV system: Telenor.
  • TV/entertainment: KS Elektro.
  • – All equipment such as blackbox, and displayed on: Wheelhouse monitors: 55″ Hatteland Enix, widescreen monitor.
Gollenes trawler Karstensens Shipyard


Complete installation: KS Elektro A/S.

Alarm/monitoring: Marine Control Services (MCS), Norway.

Navigation light: The Haan.

Search floodlight: 2 x Polarlight.

1 x Colorlight.

Tank level alerts: Mobrey.

Main board: Scantechnic.

PMS system: DEIF Delomatic 4.

Central UPS: 99 kVA.



Gollenes trawler engineroom Karstensens

The design philosophy behind the main/auxiliary configuration is as follows:

1 piece of power take-off (PTO) is mounted on the main gear, calculated for primary operation of the  ship’s power supply via the shaft generator (2200 kW).

For additional power supply, the vessel is equipped with 3 diesel generator sets, each of 615 ekW. The electrical system is built with the possibility of parallel operation of the 3 diesel generators.  Furthermore, the power plant is supplied with a Power-Management System (PMS) that manages power consumption and automatic start-up of generator sets.

UPS/clean power is mounted for 230V, so the ship’s frequency can flow between 50 and 60 Hz. This allows to reduce the engine speed by 17%.

The diesel generator systems have the possibility of either 50 or 60 Hz operation.

Furthermore, it is possible to boost the  power of the propeller system by up to  1000 kW. The 1000 kW boost power is achieved by parallel driving of the  diesel generators.

In addition to the conventional propulsion system, the vessel is  equipped with an 850 kW (1156 HP), combined submersible azimuth/tunnel thruster in the foreship. This will be able to propel the ship forward in  case of emergency, or in case of desire for reduced speed.

The above arrangements ensure a very high degree of flexibility, high reliability as  well as the possibility of fuel and operational sound  operation.

Operating philosophy:

During fishing, where the vessel’s electric winch system is used more or less continuously,  the  PTO  of the  main gear and thus the shaft generator will be engaged.   When full power is needed  on  the winches,  there will be no  need for full performance on the main engine.  The main motor will thus be used as a source of power partly for  propulsion and partly for power supply.   Consequently, it is not necessary to have the auxiliary engines in operation.

The winch system is of  electrical type, with re-generation of  the power  blue during firing of wire.

Should additional power be required on the propulsion system, the auxiliary engines are  large enough to be able to run the ship’s normal power supply including load on the winch system.

As a further measure, with direct zero emission effect, the vessel is  provided with 1100A shore power connection. This allows the ship to unload without the use of diesel generators, thereby being real zero emissions.  However, existing infrastructure on land is not yet complete all sites.

The above arrangements ensure a very high degree of flexibility, high reliability as well as the possibility of fuel and operational sound  operation.

karstensens artemis scotland trawler

Main engine: ABC 6DL36.

Propeller system: Brunvoll Volda CP95/4, d4500 mm.

Reduction gear: Brunvoll Volda ACG 980, 750/110 rpm.

Shaft generator: Marelli Motori, 2200 kW / 2750 kVA @ 1200 rpm

– water-cooled,

Auxiliary motors: 3 x Nogva Scania DI16, 615 kWe @ 1800 rpm.

Steering machine: 1 x Kongsberg SR772 – 275 kNm.

Tube 1 x Kongsberg FB-H 2330×4500 (flap).

Azimuth: 1 x Brunvoll AR-63-LTC-1750, 850 kW / 1156 HP

Side propellers aft: 1 x Brunvoll FU-63-LTC-1750, 950 kW / 1292 HP

Starting air compressor: 2 x Sperre HL2/77A

Working Air Comp: Atlas-Copco GA11FF

BrO separator: GreenOil filter.

BrO transfer pumps: 2 x Desmi.

BrO remote bearing: MCS.

SmO separator GreenOil filter.


Gollenes trawler Karstensens engine room


Main engine cooling: Allweiler.

Fire, spray and bilge pumps: Desmi.

Hydraulic, AC and other cooling water pumps:  Desmi.

Box coolers: Blokland (main engine)

Blokland (auxiliary machinery)

(all machines and other main components are FV-cooled).

Submersible pumps: ITT Flygt.

FV hydro system: 2 x Desmi.

Toilet/sewage pumps: 2 x Hidrostal.

Toilet/vacuum system: Jets.

VV containers: 2 x OSO Marine 17RA 300 E

Loading water separator: DVZ 2500 FSU OilChief



Gollenes Aft deck trawler

Electric winches, all supplied by MacGregor Rapp Marine:

2 x Trawl wincher 80.0 tonnes

2 x Net drum 80.0 tonnes

2 x Net Drum 60.0 tonnes

2 x Saviour Winch 45.0 tonnes

2 x Mooring winch, aft 6.6 tonnes

1 x Net sounder winch

2 x Anchor winch

Gollenes Aft deck trawler

Deck cranes and purse seine handling equipment, provided by SeaQuest:

1 x Net crane aft.

1 x Front deck crane.

Hydraulic drive stations / power packs:

Crane system:

2 x 128 kW.

Trawl blocks Brdr Markussen, BlueLine

Anchors and chains HHP Spek, supplied by Sotra.



Gollenes trawler Karstensens Shipyard

Fish pumping equipment provided by MacGregor Rapp Marine:

2 x Electric fish pump, 24″.

2 x Electric cable drum

2 x Fish hose reel

Gollenes ECR deck

RSW system:

2 x PTG FrioNordica, 2 x 1300 kW / 2 x 1,118,000 kCal/h.

Circulation pumps 2 x 960/h

Condenser pumps 2 x 270/h

Pumps of type Desmi.

RSW circulation system  with Eltorque actuated valves, controlled from MCS control system.

Vacuum system: C-Flow:

4 x 87 kW compressor units.

2 x 4200 l tank.

Slurry ice system: Cape, Optim-ice BP-140 + T-4000 (107 kW / 92,000 kCal/h).

Silage plant: Landia.

Factory equipment: Boa Tech, including installation.

Cleaning machines: 2 x KM Fish / Carsøe Mk5.



Gollenes trawler Karstensens Shipyard


Wheelhouse layout: Karstensens Shipyard

Wheelhouse consoles: ElPro

Wheelhouse chairs: 3 x NorSap 1600 Comfort.

Interior design: Maritime Mounting.

Furniture in interior design: Maritime Fitting / Ekornes.

Shutters: BIP.

Interior doors: BIP.

Ventilation system: LF Ventilation.

A/C system: LF Ventilation.

Windows: Promap.

Front windows: 19+6 mm laminated glass.

Wipers: 9 x Wynn.

Paint supplier: PPG Sigma.

Hempel silicone base paint.

Gollenes trawler Karstensens Shipyard


MOB boat: Viking Norsafe Merlin 615.

MOB boat davit: MDM DAF-275.

Life rafts: 2 x Viking, 12 pers.

Fire reporting system: Consilium.

Central firefighting: Survitec, water mist system.