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Norway has promised to continue talks with the UK over access to their waters for mackerel fishing

Fiskebåt, the fishing boat owners organisation in Norway, has said that it wants MSC Certification for the Norwegian snow crab fishery and have written to the Norwegian Seafood Council the Fishermen’s Association and the sales team calling on their backing.

Fiskebåt says that MSC certification of Norwegian-caught snow crab is important to maintain its position in the market and this will be a particularly important selling point with a launch of Norwegian snow crab in Europe

In a letter to the Norwegian Seafood Council, the Fishermen’s Association and the sales teams, Fiskebåt requests that certification be initiated as soon as it is practically possible. Up until now, it has gone well to export Norwegian snow crab without the MSC label. This is due to good demand and high prices. At the same time, the market situation has changed, as a result of, among other things, an increased supply of snow crab to the market.

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“It is primarily Canada that is increasing the supply, and a large part of the fishing there is MSC certified. In such a competitive situation, there is a danger that Norwegian snow crab will be seen as less attractive,” says department head Tor Are Vaskinn in Fiskebåt 

Snow crab fishing in the Barents Sea has a short history. In 2012, the first Norwegian boat participated and initially the fishing took place in the Russian part of Smutthullet, but from 2017 all Norwegian fishing has taken place in the Svalbard zone and the Norwegian part of the continental shelf in Smutthullet. In recent years, 9-10 vessels have been fishing actively, while several other vessels have had short trips. In 2022, participation has increased significantly, and 33 vessels have delivered catches.

In 2022, fishing was stopped on 01 June after the quota of 6,750 tonnes had been fished out.

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Fiskebåt wants MSC Certification for Norwegian snow crab fishery

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