The UK Goverment has decided to postpone the introduction of the import certificate for animal products such as fish from the EEA

The UK Goverment has decided to postpone the introduction of the import certificate for animal products such as fish from the EEA

Norway has welcomed the news that the UK are postponing the introduction of new requirements for the import of animal products.

The new regulations on the import of animal products into the UK from the European Economic Area (EEA) are of particular interest to member countries such as Norway and Iceland due to the high volume of fish they annually export into the British market.

The new regulations were to enter into force on 01 October next, having previously been postponed from 01 April this year, but now the UK authorities will instead look to gradually introduce the new rules on imports from the EEA at the start of January 2022.

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The news of the postponement comes against the warning today of soaring food prices in the UK.

Norwegian Fish Sales Association, Norges Sildesalgslag welcomed the news saying, “The UK postpones the introduction of a number of import requirements after Brexit, this gives the seafood industry better time to prepare.”

Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen in said a press release, “The UK’s withdrawal from the EU will lead to more comprehensive import requirements for Norwegian seafood exports, and it is important that we find good solutions so that the requirements are as little as possible an obstacle to exports. Even though we were prepared for the health certificate to be introduced from 1 October, I am glad that the United Kingdom now chooses to postpone until a better system is in place.”

The UK government has notified the Norwegians and Icelandic’s that the reason for the postponement is the consideration for the business community, the need for more dialogue with the EU and other countries’ authorities, and delays as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Norwegians claim they had a good dialogue with the British authorities with a view to finding good solutions for Norwegian exports of food and other products of animal origin to the UK after Brexit.

The new import requirements, which were planned to be introduced from 01 October 2021, will be phased in during the first half of 2022. From 01 July 2022, products of animal origin imported into the UK, including Norwegian and Icelandic seafood, must undergo full veterinary border control and health certificates shall be issued by the relevant food safety authority upon export.

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UK Government’s decision to postpone import certificate requirement welcomed

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