The Norwegian Herring fleet has landed over 40,000 tonnes since mid-May

The Norwegian North Sea Herring fleet are reporting a good season so far with over 40,000 tonnes has been traded since mid-May

Out of the 40,000 tonnes, approximately 15,000 tonnes have gone for fish meal  and oil. The rest of the herring is going for human consumption. Consumer buyers suggest that they need a further 30,000 tonnes of “June quality” North Sea herring.

In June, most of the North Sea herring comes to the European consumer market from Norwegian vessels. Maintaining this position and the positive reputation it provides are both important in the short and long term.

Last week further good was reported for the fleet with more boats joining the fishery. 12,800 tonnes have been caught by Norwegian boats. Approximately, 10,600 tonnes have been caught by purse-seiners.

There has been a change this week for small ring-net vessels (SUK). The sub-quota unit for calculating the maximum quota in the EU zone is being increased from 0.76 to 1.46 as of today, 11 June 2020.

Norges Sildesalgslag said “In relation to the use, we have sold 5,400 tonnes at the direct auction, 3,800 tonnes at the show auction in Egersund / Skagen. In addition, 3,400 tonnes have been sold for fish meal/oil use. From the buyers who produce to herring, very good quality of some catches is reported in the latter part of the week. And we have seen rising auction prices for all uses.”

Fishing has been taking place in different fields and in different sizes as normal. Most of the consumer catches have been taken from the Norwegian zone from Oseberg in the north and south towards the Frigg field. The catches of fish meal/oil are mainly taken from the area around the Balder platform and east of the Utsira ground.

Some boats have also fished in the EU zone, and 2,600 tonnes have been taken from here. Most have fished just across the border west of Frigg, while a couple of catches have been caught east of Shetland.

“We have also had boats that have been sailing (6 pcs) and fishing in Skagerak,” says Sildesalgslag. “So far, catches of a few hundred tonnes have been reported.”

Sildesalgslag concluded by saying “Nordavind has stopped fishing on Sunday and will probably characterise the day today. Throughout the week, brilliant sun and heat were reported, and we are investing in good collection and good herring fishing in the North Sea.”

Source: Norges Sildesalgslag 

Norwegian Herring fleet has landed over 40,000 tonnes since mid-May

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