Norwegian cod will keep it's MSC cerficiation on a weekly basis but haddock has seen it certification expire

Norwegian cod will keep it’s MSC cerficiation on a weekly basis but haddock has seen it certification expire

Norwegian Cod keeps its MSC certificate within 12 nautical miles indefinitely, while the haddock certificate within 12 nm expires as planned. 

Norwegian fishermen have been notified that cod certification will be extended one week at a time as of 26 April.

The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association has the client responsibility for the Norwegian certifications in accordance with the MSC standard, and according to the plan, the certificates for cod and haddock caught within 12 nautical miles according to the plan expire on 26 April, without new certificates being available.

Cod and haddock fished outside 12 nautical miles were now at the finish line of the certification process, and new certificates were on track to take over on 27 April. However, the fishermen’s association has now been made aware that a formal protest has been submitted to the MSC, where DNV’s certification decision is being appealed. The protest is now inside the MSC, where an “independent adjudicator” will assess whether the protest meets formal requirements to be assessed further. Until then, Fiskarlaget or DNV have not been formally made aware of the protest’s content or sender.

This will change what happens to the certificates next Monday, 26 April. To give time to process the protest, the MSC has now routinely granted an application for postponement of the current certificate on cod. This certificate also includes fishing within 12 nautical miles, which means that all cod north of 62 degrees still have a certificate after 26 April. However, this is very temporary; the application is only granted for one week at a time until the protest case is resolved. Players must therefore be prepared for the certificate to lapse at any time within 12 nautical miles at short notice in the coming weeks or months.

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The MSC did not grant a corresponding postponement of the old haddock certificate. The submitted protest only applies to the cod fishery. Haddock will thus receive a new certificate for fishing outside 12 nautical miles next week, and fishing within 12 nautical miles is thus no longer certified, as previously predicted. Here we ask that all players in the value chain make sure to take this into account in their traceability and in line with their possible Chain of Custody agreements with MSC.

In summary:

Cod caught both within and outside 12 nautical miles will retain the certificate indefinitely after 26 April. (extended one week at a time)

Haddock caught within 12 nautical miles from 27 April does not retain the certificate. A new certificate will be issued for haddock outside 12 nautical miles (the current certificate number for haddock is retained).

“In terms of status and possible future outcomes for the protest case for cod fishing outside 12 nautical miles, the Fishermen’s Association may be able to comment further when we have been presented with the case from MSC, says senior adviser Tor Bjørklund Larsen who is responsible for certification in the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association.”

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Norwegian Cod MSC Certification extended but Haddock expires as planned

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