Norwegian bluefin tuna quota has been set at 315 tonnes for 2021

Norwegian bluefin tuna quota has been set at 315 tonnes for 2021

The Norwegian quota for bluefin tuna will be 315 tonnes in 2021, the same as set for 2020, and in line with the current management plan.

“Bluefin tuna is very popular and is also called the Ferrari of the sea because it achieves both high speed and high price. It is very important that we also have a ample quota in 2021 and can fish with as many vessels as in 2020. This makes us equipped to fish the entire Norwegian quota,” says Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen.

Norway has had its plan to fish for bluefin tuna approved in 2021 by the International Fisheries Management Organization ICCAT. The Norwegian quota for 2021 was originally 300 tonnes, but in addition, Norway has been transferred a 5% unused quantity from 2020 to 2021, which gives a total quota of 315 tonnes.

Of the total quota of 315 tonnes, 15 tonnes have been set aside for by-catch, 10 tonnes for tag and release and recreational fishing and 18 tonnes for research on live storage of bluefin tuna. 254 tonnes have been set aside for purse-seine vessels and 18 tonnes for longliners.

11 vessels allocated quota

Norway can fish with 8 purse-seiners and three longliners in 2021, this is the same number of vessels as in 2020.

The vessels selected by drawing lots in 2020 can use their option to fish in year two as well, if they sign up for the fishery.

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Recreational fishing

It will also be opened in 2021 for a limited recreational fishing with the purpose of gathering information, and to tag and release the fish. Tags are attached to the bluefin tuna, and when the fish are re-fished, the information can be read. The information from tagging and release and recreational fishing contributes to mapping the distribution of mackerel sturgeon in Norwegian waters. Participation in this fishery requires the necessary approval from the Directorate of Fisheries.

“There is great interest in participating in recreational fishing, and the large activity contributes to valuable information and observations of the bluefin tuna along the coast,” says Ingebrigtsen. 

Registration for the bluefin tuna fishery for 2021 must be sent to the Directorate of Fisheries.


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Norwegian Bluefin Tuna Quota set at 315 tonnes for 2021

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