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Businesses have been impacted heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sales are down or overheads are up.

Your business still needs to attract new customers and help you be seen by current customers.

2021 is here and we cannot predict what is going to happen next week let alone in the next year but we all need to be ready to compete.

Maybe this year you want a new approach to your marketing, especially digital advertising.

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More and more people are accessing their news online

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What are the benefits of advertising with The Fishing Daily?

Speed, effectiveness, engagement and so much more, such as….


Deck Machinery, Hydraulics and Refrigeration


Propulsion, Steering and Maintenance 


Shipyards and Professional Services


Fishing Gear, Supplies and Services


Wheelhouse Electronics and Seating

Digital Advertising, Target Market or Audience, Editable content, Responsive or Mobile Friendly delivery, Faster publication, Flexible layout, Mixed media format with text, photos and video or audio, Optimised to get found, Eco Friendly Digital format, Better metrics to determine the return on any investment. Digital Advertising is fast and effective

Why invest in an advertisement?

Is your business involved with the Fishing Industry?
Do you want to be seen by the people who work in the industry?
Have you got something of value to offer the industry?
How do you want to be seen or perceived by the industry?
Where do you want to rank in the industry?

  • Any Business in or related to the Fishing Industry
  • Suppliers to the Fishing Industry
  • Consultants, Advisers, Trainers, Guides
  • Professional Services – Solicitors, Accountants
  • Insurers, Recruiters, HR Professionals…..

Who should have an advertisement?

Any supplier to the fishing industry, of goods or services. Who wants the opportunity to be seen, online where the audiece spends so much time. Can you afford NOT to be featured? Do you know of a better way to promote your business?

  • Insurance Companies
  • Legal Advisers
  • Financial Advisers
  • Recruiters
  • Boatyards
  • Propulsion & Steering
  • Chandelry
  • Electronics
  • Refrigeration

We help ‘Fishing Industry Businesses’ like you to be effective online… to make connections,  get the customers you really want… so you can do the work you want to do and make the profit you deserve to make

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