Is Your Organisation Holding an Event such as a Conference or Expo and are Seeking Media Coverage?

Why not partner with The Fishing Daily?

EU Commissioner for Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevicius held a meeting with representatives from the Irish fishing industry in Killybegs today

The Fishing Daily Editor, Oliver McBride covered the Catch Welfare Platform Conference from Bergen In Norway in November 2023.

What The Fishing Daily Offers Your Event/Conference

Pre-Event Press Releases in The Fishing Daily

The Fishing Daily will publish a pre-event press release from your organisation.

We will create and publish a press release to notify our readers that The Fishing Daily is attending the event and will also be broadcasting live updates on behalf of your organisation.


Pre-Event Vlog/Podcast

The Fishing Daily will offer a 27 minute pre-event podcast where you can tell people about your organisation, what your event is about and how they can take part in it.


Live Interviews from the Event

The Fishing Daily will attend your event and provide interviews with keynote speakers. This can be either broadcast live or via podcast/blogs.

We will also interview attendees at the event which will help give feedback to your organisation and to others who may be interested in coming to other events.


Post-Event Vlog/Podcast

At a time that is suitable for your organisation, two to three weeks after the event, we will record a post-event podcast which will allow you to address questions and feedback from the event.


Post-Event Press Release

The Fishing Daily will create a post event press release and/or publish a press release on your behalf detailing the success of your organisation’s event.


The typical event investment will be €4,000/£3,500, but every event is different, so we are happy to discuss your customer requirements

The Fishing Daily can provide live updates, interviews and podcasts from the event.

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