Dear UK fishing industry

I grew up in a village about 25 miles north/west of London, the village had about eight shops, one was a Wet Fish Shop. I now live in Thame south Oxfordshire, and shop mainly in Waitrose which has a pathetic fresh fish counter.

Why, when watching the programs on fishing in Cornwall and Scotland do I continually hear “ there’s no market for this in the UK, it goes to France, Spain”.

I often buy frozen Halibut from Waitrose, last week I was pleased to find fresh halibut available, but it was Norwegian, why why why?

Your industry has totally failed in marketing your fish to the general public, ask the younger generation if they eat fish and they will say, “Yes we go to the chippy every week or so” they are probably eating frozen Cod from Iceland.

Regards Stephen Fuller

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“There’s no market for this in the UK, it goes to France, Spain”

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