Dear Sir,

The supermarkets need to be encouraged to proffer your catch.  All we get are dead eyed mackerel, old sardines ,and farmed fish none of which I want to buy.
Also, fishing management under the EU kosh has seen fish disappear from the tables of the ordinary householder down south. WHY?  Has anyone bothered to find out?
1.  Cost and availability are unfavourable.  I can’t find Morcombe Bay brown shrimp anymore.  I don’t see Finnan Haddock!  I mean the brace of proper smoked whole fish, bone and all. Never to be found  are fresh or frozen whole Scottish crayfish, in these southern provinces!  Where are the fresh rope mussels I used to buy only three months ago?  The season lasts till March!
2.  We do not see a fresh healty display of  UK catch which should be possible to accomplish on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  No one buys fish on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  Distribute to the continent then?  Change how catch is distributed in the UK? We send probes into space; we can do with thinking outside the box.
3.  Whole species have disappeared with no improvement in seasonal stocks for salmon trout, john dory, red mullet,  line caught bass; proper whole Devon or Scottish crab; flounder….wherever they came from etc,after 50 years in the EU. 
I understand our sand eels are exclusively taken by the Dutch and are being over fished.  Surely we should be selling those ourselves to the continent and managing the stocks for sustainability? 
Healthy cooperation with the marvellous Netherlanders. We sell the raw product… they sell us back the preserved delicacies. The Scandinavians do better recipes with herring  and mackerel catch for example. A sure way to improve fish uptake in the depleted UK diet 
The proof of the pudding that EU policy is still not promoting the build up of stocks.  Yet I am sure salmon trout is traded in Europe; under the counter?
4.  Worst of all, the fish arrives too old, looking grey, flaccid  and skinny, not plump as in my youth. Not tempting. The cold slabs too large to display the fish temptingly; or else wrapped in vaccuum  plastic in the fridges.
5.  You have no marketing to educate the TV goggling public  on why they should buy their own UK catch.  No effective lobby for Supermarkets to promote small fresh counters of seasonal catch. 
6.  People complain, even by the seaside where catch is brought in,  there is NO QUAYSIDE MARKET for them to buy the catch.  It would make a trip from surrounding countryside part of the leisure scene and a feast for the eye and tummy! The only place I have found it is at Lyme Regis where the fish monger has a long queue and sells  at a prime prices.
7.  We are surrounded by coastline yet there is NO FISH & SEAFOOD FESTIVAL in the calender.  Surely the industry can manage to promote that to encouage takeup?  
Every fish port on a set bank holiday bringing some of their catch to a pop up quayside markets?  You could start in the bigger towns?!
8.  Get the Government department to back you in this?!…. good source of high quality protein for children’s brains. BUT, you need to understand bony, small  fish like sardines need to be filleted because parents are afraid of choking hazards and will not buy it.  Hence their reliance on fish & chips.
At festival, get your crayfish to our four corners.  
Vats of steaming catch in local butter and beer or cider, dill herb.  Street food to give the pubic a chance to discover it!
9.  Get the food programmes and chefs on board to promote a UK fish/seafood  festival once a year.  It will take time to seep into the Nations’ psyche, unlearn the past 50 years. 
Get the  UK maritime  retirees giving talks in their own county schools. Raise awareness, raise knowledge, raise access.
10.  SCOTTISH CATCH  We don’t see that down here.  Why do you moan about export whilst the supermarkets down south are importing fish from abroad?  
If you spend all your energy on exports to the continent, do not invest in local strategies, our islands will continue to be short of high quality protein to feed their growing offspring and secure future adult appreciation of this most glorious food source.
Sorry for the rant.  I know Covid hasn’t helped fresh counters.
Marjorie Brown

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Supermarkets need to be encouraged to proffer your catch

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