The fishing industry in Denmark is looking to secure the future for young people in the business

Young fishermen in Denmark will benefit under a new agreement which will increase their financial security in their retirement years.

The new agreement includes a range of improvements on the previous agreement in 2016 and will see a pension contribution increase.

The agreement emphasises the importance of saving for a pension no matter how young you are and this is stated by the Danish Fisheries Association, the Danish Pelagic Producers’ Organization and 3F Transport with the new agreement.

Not only does the pension contribution increase from 18 to 20 per cent in 2021, the young people have now also been given special consideration. Apprentices under the age of 25 now receive a pension from the age of 18, and the rate is the same as for the trained fishermen.

“In the fishery, we are concerned about getting more young people into the profession. That is why it is also important that they have good conditions including a foresight pension scheme, and this is the new agreement to ensure,” says the chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association, Svend-Erik Andersen, who together with the Danish Pelagic Producer Organization represents the employers.

And also the employees, 3F Transport, are satisfied:

“With the agreement, we make it more attractive for young people to seek a future in fishing. We make sure they save up and the high rate recognizes that they are worth as much as their older colleagues.  And then I am glad we have extended the period of sick pay for fishermen affected by a work injury. So said in Jutland. We and our fishermen can benefit from this agreement,” says Karsten Kristensen, negotiating secretary at 3F Transport.

The agreement also offers an increase in hourly pay, as well as a number of other minor adjustments. Hourly wage increases per March 1, 2020 to DKK 173, while in 2021 it is DKK 177, and in 2022 to DKK 181, which corresponds to increases in the other labor markets.

However, for the fisheries agreement it is important to make it clear that one cannot compare one to another with other professions. The fishermen are remunerated on the basis of a special model, so that they are usually secured significantly more in the payroll than the rates agreed in the agreement. They receive pay in the form of a party to the catch, so-called dividend sharing. If the ship makes money, the fishermen also make money. The parties agree that it is important that the agreement respects the percentage system.

Dividend sharing is the very basis of the agreement.

“This is a good and balanced agreement. We have a tradition of good and constructive cooperation with 3F to ensure the best working conditions in the fisheries sector, and this confirms the agreement. There is good reason to be satisfied,” says Svend-Erik Andersen. 

The new agreement replaces the previous one that was applicable from 2017 to 2020.

Source: Danish Fisheries Association

Young fishermen in Denmark will benefit under a new agreement

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