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Weekly Norwegian Pelagic Fishing Report – Week 09 of 2024: Capelin in full swing in the Barents Sea with blue whiting going well off Ireland. Photo: EMSPhoto/Eivind Sævik (2024)


“Capelin fishing in the Barents Sea in full swing; abundance of blue whiting in the west,” reports Anette Uddén, from the Communications Department of Norges Sildesalgslag for week 09 of 2024.



This week witnessed robust herring fishing in the Barents Sea, especially during the weekend, with a total reported intake of 19,356 tonnes. In comparison, only 1,030 tonnes were reported during the same week last year. The primary activity occurred approximately 30 nautical miles north of Sørøya. While there was some fishing and exploration further east, poor catches in that area led the fleet to shift westward over the weekend. The roe percentage varied between 14-21%. Currently, 22 vessels are actively engaged in capelin fishing in the area.

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Breaking down the catch by vessel types, purse-seiners accounted for 14,616 tonnes, trawlers for 590 tonnes, coastal vessels for 1,850 tonnes, and SUK (small-scale coastal fishing) for 308 tonnes. All catches have been designated for consumption and have been delivered as far south as Florø. With this week’s reported catches, a total of 21,083 tonnes have been caught from the quota of 117,300 tonnes, indicating sustained high activity, especially when the coastal fleet joins in.


Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring (NVG-sild)

As winter fishing for NVG-sild approaches its conclusion, 1,042 tonnes were reported this week from two different vessels, one foreign and one Norwegian. One catch was taken west of Lofoten, and the other west of Bodø.


Blue Whiting

A prosperous week for blue whiting fishing saw a reported intake of 56,101 tonnes, up by 35,150 tonnes from the previous week. Comparatively, around 55,000 tonnes were caught during the same week last year. Of the total, 40,020 tonnes were captured in international waters, and 16,161 tonnes in EU zones. While the majority has been delivered in Norway, some catches have also been sent to Iceland and Denmark. With 251,000 tonnes harvested from the quota of 372,641 tonnes, approximately 121,260 tonnes remain, as several vessels complete their quotas.


Horse Mackerel

Two small catches of horse mackerel, totalling 26 tonnes, were reported this week from Kystbas and Molinergutt. These were caught off Nordmøre and south of Karmøy.


“In conclusion, we expect great activity on capelin fishing in the coming week,” says Anette.


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