A quiet week for the Norwegian Pelagic fleet, though there was plenty activity at sea overall landings were low as the north wind prevailed week 03 norwegian pelagic 2024

Week 03 of 2024 – Norwegian Pelagic fishing report – A successful fishing week for the fleet. Photo: Norges Sildesalgslag

Successful Fishing Week in the North: Mackerel Fishing Begins in the West, reports Roar Bjånesøy from Norges Sildesalgslag.


Norwegian Sea Herring (NVG-herring):

The Norwegian Sea herring fishing continues to thrive, with a total catch of 26,474 tonnes reported this week. Fishing activities have been concentrated in familiar areas, including Kvænangen, the Lopphavet region, and Altafjorden.

However, acquiring the herring has posed challenges due to demanding conditions. The majority of the herring caught averaged around 275-290 grams, with some exceptions reaching as low as 250 grams. Reports indicate that herring is emerging from the fjords at deeper depths.

Additionally, around 250 tonnes of Norwegian Sea herring, primarily in a locked position, were captured along the Helgeland coast, with a smaller locked catch reported south near Ålesund.


North Sea Herring:

In the North Sea, five vessels have been engaged in herring fishing, resulting in a total catch of 1,305 tonnes. Herring sizes have varied from 112 to 154 grams, with the majority falling between 135-150 grams.

While several boats had intentions to venture out for North Sea herring, adverse weather conditions in the North Sea have hindered these plans, and it appears this may persist in the coming days.


Blue Whiting:

Following last week’s delivery of blue whiting from the Faroese zone by three Norwegian vessels, two vessels have now set sail for blue whiting grounds west off Ireland. Birkeland made the first report of the year from this area on Saturday evening (1600 tonnes), indicating good catches but challenging weather conditions around the 54th parallel.



This week, 7,790 tonnes of mackerel were brought in by seven foreign vessels, marking a decrease from the 14,700 tonnes the previous week. The British fleet has been fishing approximately 100 nautical miles west of Shetland. The mackerel caught ranged in size from 375 to 440 grams on average.


Coastal Capelin:

A total of 35 tonnes of coastal capelin have been reported from the Hardangerfjord, delivered to King Oscar via Skude Fryseri in Karmøy.


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