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External waters fishing vessel licences allowing vessels to fish outside of UK waters in 2023 will expire at the end of this year

As the expiration date for external waters fishing vessel licences allowing UK vessels to fish outside of UK waters in 2023 approaches, the UK Single Issuing Authority (UKSIA) has provided crucial updates on preparations for 2024 and outlined necessary actions for vessel owners.


European Union (EU) Waters:

Existing holders of a UK external waters licence for EU waters will benefit from an automatic renewal for 2024. The UKSIA will issue the renewed licence via email to the fishing vessel licence nominee by the end of this year. Vessel owners are strongly advised to check the list of vessels with external waters licences on the UKSIA website to ensure their vessels are appropriately licensed before engaging in any fishing activities outside of UK waters.

For those without a licence intending to fish in EU waters, an application form is available here. Applicants can apply at any time, but fishing in EU waters is strictly prohibited until they receive a valid external waters licence issued by the UKSIA and their vessel is listed among the authorised vessels on the UKSIA website.


Third Country and Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs):

Access to third country waters, including Norway and the Faroes, and international waters managed by RFMOs, remains subject to negotiations and annual consultations. Ongoing discussions will shape the process, and the UKSIA pledges to issue further updates on how vessel owners can apply for a licence to access these waters once the negotiations conclude.

Vessel owners are reminded that if there are changes in contact or vessel details, prompt notification to the vessel’s licensing administration office is mandatory to ensure compliance with regulations.


Contacting the UKSIA:

While the UKSIA plans to release additional updates in the coming weeks, vessel owners with queries are encouraged to check the [UKSIA website]( for announcements and detailed information. Alternatively, direct contact can be made with the UKSIA via email at mailto:[email protected] or by calling 02080265062.

These updates aim to keep the fishing community informed and ensure a smooth transition into the new licensing period. Vessel owners are urged to stay vigilant for further communications and to act in accordance with the guidelines provided by the UKSIA.


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