UK Cod landings abroad have dropped from 2018 to 2019

UK fishing vessels landed less fish abroad and got less money for their catches in 2019 than they did in the previous year.

The value of UK demersal fish landed abroad decreased from 2018 figures of £261.8m to £205.2m in 2019, seeing -22% decrease in revenue. At the same time landings dropped from 271,511 tonnes of fish being landed in 2018 to 227,640 tonnes in 2019, a decrease of -16%.

Demersal Fish:

Fishing boats landed less Cod, Haddock, Hake, Monk/Anglerfish, Plaice, Pollock, Saithe and other demersal species in foreign ports than they did in 2018.

a photo of haddock fish

UK Haddock landings abroad has dropped

The overall value of demersal fish landed dropped from £66.26m in 2018 to £41.62m in 2019(-37%), with landings dropping from 33,302 tonnes in 2018 to 26,733 for 2019 (-20%).

Cod landing dropped from 9,952 tonnes in 2018 to 6,978 tonnes for 2019; a drop of -30%. This represented a drop of -72% in value, from £18.4m to £5.1m with the price per tonne dropping from £1,849 on average to £1,096 on average representing an overall drop of -41%.

Haddock landing dropped -14% from 494 tonnes to 426 tonnes in 2019. This came with a loss of earnings from £595,000 in 2018 to £371,000 in 2019; a drop of -38%. The price per tonne for haddock also dropped from £1,206 to £955 or a -21% difference in value.

Landings of hake went from 1,315 tonnes to 1,096 tonnes; down -17% on 2018. This represented a drop of -26% on the value of the landings from £2.314m to £1.179m in 2019. The price of hake remained steady in 2019 losing only -3% with average prices paid falling from £1,786 per tonne to £1,739.

Less Monk/Anglerfish was also landed in 2019 with figures showing 3,627 tonnes compared to 3,141 tonnes which was -13% less than 2018.The price paid per tonne of Monk/Anglerfish increased 2% in 2019, from £3,401 per tonne to £3,480 per tonne. This did little to offset the overall loss of revenue from landings which dropped from £11.949m in 2018 to £10.283m in 2019, translating to a drop of -14%. 

The next demersal species to take a big hit after cod was plaice. Landings dropped from 7,539 in 2018 to 5,853, a -22% decrease. This represented a loss of earnings from £14.7m to £9.55m down -35% on 2018. The price of plaice also fell from £,1952 per tonne to £1,635 per tonne which was a-16% drop in price.

norwegian herring

Herring landings decreased by -25% in 2019

Pelagic Species:

The overall value of pelagic fish landed abroad decreased from £161.94m in 2018 to £138.6m for 2019 (down -14%). This was caused by a decrease in landing from 224,206 tonnes to 190,041 tonnes in 2019, which was a drop of-15% on 2018 figures.

Although herring prices increased by 2% in 2019 (from £503 per tonne to £547 per tonne), earning dropped from £27.4m to £21.9m (-20%) due to a drop in landing from 54,469 tonnes in 2018 to 40,640 in 2019 (-25%).

Mackerel landing also dropped from 110,178 tonnes to 88,224 tonnes. The value of the catch decreased from £117.35m to £98.1m (-16%), whilst prices increased by 4%, from £1065 per tonne to £1,112 per tonne in 2019.

Other pelagic species landings increased going from 59,559 tonnes in 2018 to 61,117 tonnes in 2019 (+3%) representing an increase in revenue of 8%, going from £17.2m to £18.6m.

nephrops or prawns

Nephrops, also known as Norway Lobster or Dublin Bay Prawns. Photo: Luke the Scot


Crab landings dropped from 6,316 to 4,464 in 2019, a drop of -36% on 2018. The value of landing dropped substantially from £11.26m to £8.9m, -20% on the previous year even though prices increased from £1785 to £2,173 per tonne, a rise of 22%.

Nephrops saw a drop in landing from 694 tonnes to 637 tonnes, -8% down on 2018. The value of the landings decreased -17% from £4.42m to £3.66m with the prices per tonne falling from £6,413 to £5,880 (-8%).

Scallops gained and lost at the same time. Landings abroad went from 263 in 2018 to 1,005 in 2019 an increase of 282%. The value of the landings were £536,000 for 2019, up 32% on 2018 but the price per tonne dropped by a huge 65%, from £1,548 per tonne to £534 per tonne.

Other shellfish landings dropped too from 6,729 to 4,578 (-32%). THis signalled a loss in revenue of -33%, from £17.5m to £11.8m.

Overall, shellfish landings dropped from 14,002 tonnes to 10,866 (-22%) in 2019. This saw a drop in value from £33.6m in 2018 to £24.97, a drop of -26% for 2019.


UK Fisheries Administrations stats show drop in landings abroad

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