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Norwegian port Hasvik has lost another fishing vessel just 10 days after the loss of the Peik

A fishing vessel from the Norwegian port of Hasvik has sank just 10 days after fishermen Reidar Nilsen and Remi Andre Nilsen succumbed to the sea.

Fortunately, this time the three-crew member were plucked from the icy waters and rescued by a nearby boat.

The main rescue centre Northern Norway went on full alert immediately after they received an emergency message at 18.48 on Wednesday night, 19 January last.

The centre sent out a rescue helicopter from Banak and a rescue boat from Sørvær. The Coast Guard ship “Bison” was nearby and also set course for the area in Sørøysundet by Hasvik in Finnmark.

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“We put in place a number of resources, such as a rescue helicopter from Banak and the coastguard ship Bison and went out with mayday to vessels in the area,” says rescue leader Håkon Kjøllmoen.

Another boat then quickly arrived at the scene and was able to rescue the three who had already gone into the sea. The boat was then about to go down.

“They were taken to Hasvik and taken care of by local health personnel. It looks as if everyone is slightly injured,” says Kjøllmoen at the Main Rescue Centre.

Fortunately for the casualties, there were several other boats nearby when the accident happened. Therefore, they received quick assistance. 

“Everyone reacted quickly here, and the boat was relatively close to other vessels. The incident thus had a happy ending in terms of the crew,” says Kjøllmoen to

The rapid reaction from the surrounding boats meant that the rescue operation could be called off before the lifeboat and helicopter were in place.

Captain Morten Pedersen at the rescue boat Gjert Wilhelmsen who was in Sørvær, told that they were turned back by the Main Rescue Centre before they reached Sørøysundet.

There was bad weather in the area with stiff and occasional strong gales when the boat sank.

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Three rescued from sinking fishing vessel in another Hasvik incident

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