Thirty-one Danish fishing vessels will be scrapped by 01 July 2023 due to Brexit through a decommissioning scheme worth approximately €27.3m

Thirty-one Danish fishing vessels will be scrapped by 01 July 2023 in a decommissioning scheme worth €27m due to the fallout from Brexit

Payment of DKK 203 million DKK in Brexit support for scrapping 31 fishing vessels on their way to Danish fishermen

In the coming days, the Danish Fisheries Agency will send commitments for the scrapping of 31 fishing vessels for approx. 203 million DKK (€27.3m/£23.9m).

On 15 September 2022, the Danish Fisheries Agency opened the support scheme for the scrapping of fishing vessels as a result of Brexit. The aid is intended to reduce the negative consequences of Brexit for the fishing sector by giving the industry the opportunity to adapt to the new situation with reduced quotas. Under the scheme, fishermen could thus apply for support for example, scrapping of their vessels. The scheme closed for applications on 01 November 2022.

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In total, the Danish Fisheries Agency received 54 applications for support for the scrapping of fishing vessels for a total of almost DKK 500 million (€67m/£59m). In a number of applications, the basic conditions for being able to receive support in its entirety, e.g. the requirement for fishing activity for at least 90 days at sea per year during 2018 and 2019, were not met or included parts that were not eligible for support. A total of 35 applications for a total of almost DKK 300 million. DKK (€40m/£35.3m)was eligible for support.

“The Danish Fisheries Agency has thus received applications for more than the politically determined financial framework of DKK 204.4 million. The applications have therefore been prioritised according to announced support criteria,” said the Authority.

In order to receive support, the fishing vessels must be scrapped no later than 01 July 2023.

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Thirty-one Danish fishing vessels to be scrapped due to Brexit fallout

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