The Norwegian fleet has started the summer North Sea Herring fishing

The Norwegian fleet has kicked-off the North Sea Summer Herring fishing season this week with the first boats working the Viking Bank.

Sjøglans was the first boat on the Viking bank and took a haul of around 90 tonnes of herring.

Sjøglans skipper, Jan Arve Heggøy said “It is nice to see a bit herring to see and it is nice and quiet out there so we will now try on more tows throughout the day.”

The herring is reported as currently on the small side and is averaging around 140 grams in weight, which is somewhat smaller than normal for this area. The fat content is also not very high according to the skipper.

This year, the Norwegian quota for North Sea herring is just under 114,000 tonnes and if taken, the flex opportunities the fleet have a maximum potential of fishing over 140,000 tonnes. 

It will be interesting to see how the price level develops throughout the season. This year the price has been set as NOK 4.25 per kilo for herring to be used for human consumption and NOK 3.94 per kilo for fish meal and oil but last year saw an unprecedented with a good season in terms of price, with the average price for consumption at NOK 5.90 per kilo but and for fish meal and oil at NOK 4.79 per kilo.  

“We expect that there will be a demand for herring for more uses, both fillet and round herring, so we hope that we will be able to serve these needs. And it will be exciting to see how the season develops,” says sales manager Kenneth Garvik.

So far this year, there has also been an increase in herring exports to Germany, Poland and Belarus, mainly NVG herring. The fact that herring is often stored as long-lasting products has helped to increase demand during these times.

In addition to Sjøglans, we know that there are a handful of boats ready for herring. Svanaug Elise calculates arrival on the field tomorrow.  

“We are focusing on the sun and summer ahead, we deserve it now after a few cold months, and a good start to the season,” Garvik concludes.

Source: Norge Sildesalgslag

The Norwegian fleet has kicked-off the North Sea Herring fishing

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