The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has announced they will be administering England’s share of the Maritime & Fisheries Fund (MFF).

The total fund for the UK is £37 million which was announced as additional funding by the Treasury.

The fund is open to applications to develop port and harbour infrastructure, processing and marketing of fisheries products, productive investments in aquaculture and to support lifesaving vessel safety measures, among other areas which can be viewed on our website.

Any applications that are over £100,000 in total project cost are considered by the MFF panel. The panel is responsible for reviewing applications and recommending projects for approval in line with the objectives of the scheme.

The 2020 panel dates are as follows:

  • The first panel will be held on 04 March 2020. The deadline for applications has passed.
  • A second panel will take place week commencing 08 June with a deadline for applications of 10 April.
  • A third panel will convene week commencing 24 August with an application deadline of 26 June.
  • A fourth panel will take place week commencing 09 November with an application deadline of 11 September.

In order to be considered for the panel, it is recommended that applicants ensure their fully formed, completed applications are submitted to MMO before the set deadlines. The MFF has a short time frame so projects must be fully formed and ready to progress and spend quickly.

The panel dates are subject to funding availability. You can contact the MMO Grants Team on 0208 026 5539 to discuss any potential panel application or visit the MMO website for guidance and information on how to make an application.

Source: Marine Management Organisation 

The MMO announce administration of the new £15.4 million MFF

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