The Danish Fisheries Association beleives that there are too many conditions attached to the EU Commission's Brexit compensation package

The Danish Fisheries Association beleives that there are too many conditions attached to the EU Commission’s Brexit compensation

With an EU agreement on compensation for fisheries after Brexit, it could look as if the fishermen who have lost their revenue base from quotas in British waters are getting an economic recovery. But unfortunately, the money comes from the EU with so many conditions that the government finds it difficult to provide the compensation to the fishermen for their lost quotas that they were offered writes the Danish Fisheries Asscoiation.

“The agreement seems to cut off the Danes’ fishermen from being fully compensated for their losses. We will investigate whether there may be expropriation,” says Svend-Erik Andersen, chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association.

The government has accepted an EU agreement for 1.1 billion kroner(€148m), which cannot be used for direct compensation to the profession due to the state aid rules. Thus, the money may end up never reaching the fishermen who in the Brexit agreement were deprived of a large part of their expensively bought right to fish.

“Of course, we are happy that the EU is sending money in general. We hope that the BAR fund could be used for a scrapping scheme so that the number of fishermen will fit the smaller quotas. But it will be deeply problematic if the fishermen who are hardest hit by the income cannot be compensated directly. We call on the government to turn every stone, just as we will analyze the situation to find the best possible solutions,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

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The Danish Fisheries Association will continue to fight for a definite compensation for lost quotas and is now in dialogue with the government and the parliamentary parties to find a fair solution.

The quotas have been taken from us and given to the British in a bargaining chip to get the Brexit deal that fell into place on Christmas Eve. We fishermen have bought and paid the quotas. They are absolutely essential to our business. Put a little on the tip, you cannot compensate the fishermen by offering a course for EU funds. The money must go to those who have lost their income. It is about holding hands with their businesses and important workplaces far from Brussels and Copenhagen in Denmark’s coastal cities, says Svend-Erik Andersen, who is looking forward to the negotiations between the parliamentary parties after the summer.

“I hope that the Folketing will stand together on the fishery, in the same way as they have done during parts of the corona course. Now it is about saving a profession that helps to ensure balance in Denmark, and which is the lifeblood of many coastal communities,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

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The Danish Fisheries Association is still fighting for Brexit compensation

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