The Danish Fish Producers Organisation has welcomed the EU’s initiative

The Danish Fish Producers Organisation (DFPO) has welcomed the fact that EMFF funds can now help the fishing industry through the COVID-19 crisis.

“As a result of the EU-wide crisis caused by COVID-19, the EU has provided financial assistance to the fishing industry for the remainder of 2020. Member States will have the opportunity to re-prioritize the European Ocean and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) funds,” says the DFPO.

“We are positive that some more opportunities have now been opened to help the fishing industry. That being said, we believe that new money is missing. This is money that has already been allocated to the fishery once, which must now be re-prioritised,” says the chairman of the Danish Fisheries Association PO, Svend-Erik Andersen.

The DFPO is particularly positive about the possibility of a lay-out scheme, and the association is already ready with suggestions on how it can be tied together.

“We have already sent our proposals for what a layout scheme might look like, and we are now awaiting answers to our proposals,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

In the current situation, time is an important factor and the DFPO calls for the formalities to be put in place as soon as possible.

“Speed ​​is crucial, so we hope that a solution will be negotiated in place as soon as possible, so that the money can come out and benefit from the Danish fishermen and the fishing industry as a whole.  In this regard, we would like to commend the Government, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament, where Søren Gade, as Vice-President and Coordinator of the Fisheries Committee, has done a great job to ensure that this agreement has come so quickly,” says Svend-Erik Andersen.

Source: DFPO