The Fishing Daily looks at the best trawl door manufacturers in Europe for bottom trawling, semi-pelagic and pelagic trawlers

There are several types of trawl doors used across very types of trawling.

The main types of trawling are:

  • bottom trawling for whitefish and nephrops
  • semi-pelagic for haddock
  • pelagic for mackerel, blue whiting, horse mackerel and other midwater species.


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Bottom Trawl Doors







best trawl door manufactuers in europ
best trawl door manufactuers in europ

Semi-Pelagic Trawl Doors

Pelagic Trawl Doors

Pelagic trawling has been in development




Grupo Euroed

best trawl door manufactuers in europ

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The Best Trawl Door Manufacturers in Europe

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