Scottish mussels celebrate after being recertified with the MSC enhanced certification

Scottish mussels celebrate after being recertified with the MSC enhanced certification. Photo: Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group

Scottish mussels, which were the first enhanced fisheries in Scotland to be MSC-certified in 2012, are celebrating after being recertified to the MSC standard in December. 

Rope grown mussels from farms in the Shetland Islands, and those around Scotland are members of the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group,  and are responsible for around two-thirds of Scotland’s mussel production.  

Many Scottish mussels are produced in Shetland due to the pristine conditions in which shellfish can thrive. Mussels filter the seawater and extract food from it, sucking up to 50 litres of water a day.  

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Ruth Henderson, chief executive of Seafood Shetland said: “We are very pleased that the Shetland and Scottish mainland rope-grown mussel enhanced fishery has achieved Marine Stewardship Council recertification. We have held certification since 2012, so this is our second recertification, which demonstrates the care and consistency with which our growers have operated over the last decade.   

“We know that conscientious customers care about the origin of their produce, and the MSC standard effectively demonstrates that our seafood comes from a sustainable and well-managed resource.”  

Jo Pollett, MSC Senior Fisheries Outreach Manager, UK & Ireland, said: “Scottish mussels have shown tremendous commitment to sustainability and we are delighted that they have again achieved recertification, demonstrating a decade of commitment to sustainable fishing practices.” 

Mussel spat settlement in the area occurs in April and May. Each farm collects its own stock from wild spat-fall. The settled spat is then grown on ropes suspended from 200 to 400m longlines supported by plastic floats.  

Source: Press Release

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