The crabber ‘Asteria’ under tow last night

St Mary’s & Penlee Lifeboats was called to rescue a crabber in distress on Sunday evening after it fouled its propeller whilst working 15 nautical miles north of the Isles of Scilly.

Late yesterday evening the volunteer crew of the St Mary’s RNLI Severn class lifeboat ‘The Whiteheads’ 17-11 were tasked by the Falmouth Coastguard Operation Centre to go to the assistance of an 18-metre crabber ‘Asteria’ with six persons onboard. 

The St Mary’s lifeboat launched, was quickly on scene and commenced a tow back to Newlyn.

At 10.30pm the Penlee Lifeboat Operations Manager, Andrew Munson, received a call from Falmouth Coastguard requesting the launch of their all-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ to rendezvous with St Mary’s lifeboat and take over the tow.

The Penlee crew assembled at 1.30am and the ‘Ivan Ellen’ was heading out of Newlyn Harbour at 2.00am. They rendezvoused with ‘The Whiteheads’ at 3.15am and the tow was handed over.

The ‘Asteria’ was towed safely back to Newlyn and was assisted through the gaps by our Inshore lifeboat ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’.

In total, this was a 12 hour service for both lifeboats. Yet again it demonstrated the professionalism & dedication of our volunteer crew members at both stations.

Crew – ALB

Coxswain Patch Harvey, Mechanic Marcel Le Bretton, Ben Keogh, Jack Shannon, Will Treneer, Mike Iles, & Adrian Thomas.

ILB – Helm James Roberts, Amy Smith and Stuart Farrell.

Weather – NE Force 6 – gusting to 8 with a 2 metre swell.

Source: St Mary’s and Penlee Lifeboats


St Mary’s & Penlee Lifeboats comes to assistance of Crabber in distress

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