Spanish fishing sector gives the government time until March 29 after meeting with Fisheies Minister Luis Planas on Wednsaday this week

Spanish fishing sector gives the government time over fuel crisis after meeting with Fisheries Minister Luis Planas on Wednsaday this week

The Spanish fishing sector, represented by the Fisheries Confederation (Cepesca), has decided to give the Government a margin until next Tuesday, March 29, after the meeting held on Wednesday, 22 March with Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Cepesca, which has held an Extraordinary Board of Directors after this meeting, has agreed to this position, although it also warns of possible mobilizations if after the Council of Ministers on Tuesday 29 it does not respond to the needs of Spanish fishermen.

Broadly speaking, during the meeting, Planas presented the fishermen with five basic points of action in the face of the complicated situation in the sector : the incorporation of a clause in the RD Law that the Government plans to publish on March 29 to speed up the processing of aid based on article 26 of the FEMPA for extraordinary situations; specific measures to limit the extent of the increase in operating costs in the sector; reduction of port taxes; study of the possibility of exoneration of Social Security contributions and creation of an ICO – SAECA line for the agricultural and fishing sector for the granting of guarantees and credits with a low interest rate and a subsidy of 10% of the principal.

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Cepesca has valued the good disposition of the minister and has described today’s meeting as constructive. Both parties have expressed their commitment to sit down again after the Council of Ministers on the 29th so that Planas can explain in detail the approved measures.

Finally, and “after this gesture by the fishermen towards Planas, who will return to fishing,”the sector points out, “the fishermen call on the Government of Spain to urgently solve the problem of the carriers in order to be able to sell and transport the catches of fishing vessels and feed consumers with the healthiest animal protein in the world and with the lowest carbon footprint in its production.”

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Spanish fishing sector gives government time on fuel crisis

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