spanish fishing industry measures The Spanish-registered fishing vessel, Armaven Tres detained by the SFPA has been found guilty of under-recording and fined

The Spanish fishing industry expects that Fisheries Minister Luis Planas will announce urgent and concrete measures to alleviate the current crisis

The Spanish fishing industry expects that their Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Luis Planas will announce urgent and concrete measures to alleviate the serious crisis that the sector is currently suffering from.

In a press release today CEPESCA says:

“The fishing sector values ​​the position of the European Commission, expressed yesterday by the Commissioner for Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevicius, and which contemplates the activation of article 26 of the FEMPA (European Maritime Fund for Fisheries and Aquaculture) in the face of the sharp rise in its costs of exploitation after the unprecedented increase in the price of energy, especially diesel, caused by the war in Ukraine. However, the sector declares that it cannot wait between eight and 12 months for this aid to reach the fishermen, for which it requests, once again, the adoption of urgent measures by the Government, similar to those already adopted by other countries, such as France, which rewards its fishermen with 35 cents per liter of fishing oil. In this way,The fishing sector hopes that Minister Planas will explain concrete and urgent measures, which can be put into practice immediately , to deal with the situation at the meeting that will be held tomorrow.

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According to the sector, the activation of article 26 of the FEMPA requires its approval by the College of Commissioners of the European Union, after which the Government would have to approve a Royal Decree or similar regulation establishing the bases and the call for aid, “what It would lead us to receive the aid not before November or December of this year and by then many fishermen will have fallen by the wayside” , points out the sector. On the other hand, the sector also claims to be unaware of the possible measures, also announced yesterday by Sinkevicius, included in the package of the temporary European framework for EU aid, and in which he announced that the fishing sector would be included.

Faced with this situation, the sector once again requests the Government to adopt immediate and urgent aid to provisionally tackle the situation, as neighbouring countries have already done, which, like France, have decided to rebate €035 per litre of diesel fuel. its fishermen from March 17 to July 31. The sector again expresses to the Government the possibility it has of adopting measures of this type, as well as others that temporarily alleviate its situation, such as the temporary exemption from Social Security contributions, the use of de minimis aid or reductions in the port rates and fees of the ports that depend on the General Administration of the State.

Finally, the sector also expresses its concern about the very serious damage that the transport strike is having on fishing activity, both inshore and offshore, and which already caused last week the mooring of the former and the waste of hundreds of tons of fishery products that, once they arrived at the port, could not be marketed, from the second. The lack of specification of the measures announced yesterday by the Government of aid of 500 million euros to try to alleviate the high prices of fuel for carriers has caused other organisations to join the strikes, which can aggravate the situation of the fishing sector if obstacles are placed on the transport of fish and shellfish.”

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Spanish fishing industry expects concrete relief measures announcement tomorrow

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