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The Spanish fleet will have an additional 1,754 kilograms of Nephrops to catch in the Gulf of Cadiz due to a quota exchange with Portugal

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food has decided to reopen the Nephrops fishery for the fleet operating in the Gulf of Cádiz – functional unit 30 of division 9A – starting from 00:00 hours yesterday 05 December 2023.

This measure is possible following a quota exchange agreement between Spain and Portugal.

This fishery had been temporarily closed since 15 September to prevent exceeding the available quota. Nephrops is a highly demanded product during the Christmas season, prompting the ministry to facilitate this exchange with Portugal, increasing the available quota. As a result, the Spanish fleet will now have a total of 1,754 kilograms for the remaining campaign.

Since this quantity may not be sufficient for the rest of the year, the General Secretariat of Fisheries will continuously monitor consumption trends and proceed to the definitive closure of the fishery once the allocated catch limit is reached.


Source: Press Release

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