The 2020 Winter Mackerel had a slow start for the Scottish fleet with stormy weather curtailing their operations, but now the season is in full swing.

But in the last week or so, conditions have improved, and the fleet is currently working at full swing, with boats following the migratory pattern of mackerel, and now working off the Butt of Lewis.

The shoals are plentiful, with the mackerel caught being a good size and of excellent quality. The delayed beginning to the fishery means it is anticipated that the season will continue well into February.


The latest addition to the Peterhead fleet, MV ‘Lunar Bow’ PD 265 has returned from her maiden voyage to make her first landing of mackerel in her home port.

Source: Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Organisation

Slow start to 2020 Winter Mackerel but Season now in Full Swing

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