Síldarvinnslan whitefish trawlers

The ‘Bergey’ one of Síldarvinnslan whitefish trawlers

The catch of trawlers by Síldarvinnslan and its subsidiary Bergs-Hugins during the current fishing year was a total of 20,800 tonnes. The catch of each vessel was as follows (based on gutted catch):

                      Gullver NS 5,300 tonnes

                      Bergey VE 2,900 tonnes

                      Vestmannaey VE 3,300 tonnes

                      Smáey VE 2,000 tonnes (only part of the year)

                      Blængur NK 7,300 tonnes

It can be said that the fishing year was eventful as two new vessels, Vestmannaey VE and Bergey VE, started fishing during the year. New Vestmannaey started fishing at the beginning of October and a new Bergey VE in January.

For a while, Smáey VE was also built out, but in February the ship was leased to Samherji hf. and it was then sold to þorbjörn hf. in Grindavík in May. The fishing of the new vessels has been very successful from the beginning and they landed a total of 6,200 tonnes in their first fishing year.

The weather was difficult last autumn and the weather worsened when winter came. For example, the Vestmannaeyjar vessels did not land any catch until after mid-January following a Christmas break due to a constant commotion off the south coast of the country.

After the difficult winter, there was a sharp drop in demand for fresh fish due to uncertainties and actions related to the covid-19 epidemic. Due to this, the trawling of icefish trawlers was slow from March to May, and in fact no fish was caught for fresh export unless it was sold in advance.

All the ships had a constant chase game with the saithe. It was difficult to find it and it is stated, for example, in catch figures at Gullver NS, but the vessel fished just over half less saithe in the recent quota year than in the previous year or only 540 tonnes instead of 1,205 tonnes. Despite this, Gullver’s operation was successful during the year and the vessel’s total catch was 5,300 tonnes, as stated above, although there was less effort.

Deep-sea redfish and halibut were fished very well by the freezer trawler Blængi NK, but the highlight of the year with the ship was the Barents Sea trip, which took place last June. It was a saturated trip at Blængi but the catch was 1430 tons from the sea worth 512 million ISK fob. 

In the recent quota year, Síldarvinnslan leased catch quotas amounting to 1,205 tonnes and all quotas were reached, with the exception of a few kilos of flatfish.


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Síldarvinnslan Whitefish Trawlers Report Good Year for 2020

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