Börkur NK pumping mackerel into Börkur II NK in Smugunn. Two of the Síldarvinnslan fleet which has landed 18,00 tonnes of mackerel so far this season. Photo: Haraldur Egilsson

Börkur NK pumping mackerel into Börkur II NK. Two of the Síldarvinnslan fleet which has landed 18,000 tonnes of mackerel so far this season. Photo: Haraldur Egilsson

Icelandic fish processors, Síldarvinnslan hf. has reported that their vessels have landed nearly 18,000 tonnes of mackerel into the processing at Neskaupstadur.

The current mackerel season got off to a good start, although there has been little fishing within Icelandic jurisdiction. 

The Síldarvinnslan vessels got a good catch in Síldarsmugun and processing was continuous.  However, in recent times fishing has slowed down with vessels search widely in Smugunn, but unable to come on steady fishing. 

“Occasional catches occur, but they are usually short-lived, as the entire fleet will soon reach the spot on which it is caught,” reports the Síldarvinnslan website. “Despite this, there is no reason to be pessimistic. The month of August has just begun and in recent years mackerel fishing in Smugunn has often started like this around this time of the season. Taking into account the experience of previous years, the main fishing time in Smugunn should be to come and hopefully the fishing will recover.”

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Beitir NK came to Neskaupstadur from Smugunn last Saturday with 1,210 tons of large and beautiful mackerel. The fish was processed in the fish factory there and was either completely frozen, decapitated or filleted. On Monday, 09 August, Börkur II NK landed with 1,040 tons. Including Börkur II, almost 18,000 tonnes of mackerel, has been landed so far in Neskaupstaður this season.

During the season, the five vessels that land mackerel at Síldarvinnslan have collaborated on the catch, just as last season. The co-operation consists of catching all the vessels that are pumped on board one of them at a time. This arrangement prevents vessels from sailing long distances with small catches and ensures that they catch always arrives as fresh as possible says the company. Several fishing companies have now started this kind of co-operation, as circumstances have dictated that this is the best system to avoid long voyages to and from the fishing grounds when there is limited fishing.

Gunnþór B. Ingvason, CEO of Síldarvinnslan, says that the mackerel fishing could certainly have gone better recently, but it is hardly possible to complain much when close to 18,000 tonnes have been landed, considering that the entire season last year saw about 23,000 tonnes landed at the company.

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Síldarvinnslan reports nearly 18,000 tonnes of mackerel landed into Neskaupstadur

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