Good herring fishing for Norwegian fleet in week 22 of 2022  The MSC has accused NE Atlantic coastal states of continued overexploitation of pelagic stocks The Norwegian pelagic fleet reported a good fishing for herring in the north but the best mackerel landings from foreign vessels in Week 43 week 47

Good activity NVG herring fishing in week 47, but several Norwegian vessels have now finished their quotas

Still good activity in NVG herring fishing last week, but several vessels have now finished their quotas is the news Norges Sildesalgslag in week 47 of 2022.

Head of Communications at Norges Sildesalgslag, Roar Bjånesøy reports:

NVG herring

21,470 tonnes were estimated for week 47, down from 37,600 the week before. 

“Most are taken in Kvænangen and the areas outside. We have had a few larger purse seine catches, some from large coastal areas and others in direct fishing, but a lot from the lock setters who have delivered via pilot vessels,” says acting sales manager Sigurd Vedøy.

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There have also been a couple of smaller catches of NVG herring from Brønnøysund and the Mørekysten.

As of Monday evening, there are around 8,500 tonnes left on this year’s NVG herring quota.  


There were only two catches of mackerel in the week, with a total of 1,310 tonnes. A Norwegian vessel was fishing off the Møre coast early in the week, and a foreign vessel came in with around 1,160 tonnes to Ålesund and Brødrene Sperre.

A couple of purse seiners are currently fishing for mackerel off the Møre coast

Coastal sprat

We again had some coastal sprat reported after a couple of weeks without catches. Of the 98 tonnes in the entry journal, 70 tonnes were from the Oslofjord and the rest from the Sognefjord.

It has been quiet from Kanten this week and no reports from there. In contrast, we had 64 tonnes of horse mackerel registered from four vessels and one sprat catch from a foreign vessel.

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Several Norwegian vessels finish their herring quotas in week 47

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