kambur missing fishermen search

The Manager of MRCC Tórshavn has confirmed the search for the two fishermen missing after the sinking of the ‘Kambur’ has been ended. Photo: in.fo

The search for two missing crew members from the Faroese longliner ‘Kambur’ has come to an end, announced MRCC Tórshavn Manager Edvard Bjarnason. The vessel issued a distress call at 7:00 on February 10, reporting severe weather conditions and intentions to abandon ship into lifeboats.

Upon receiving the distress call, nearby vessels, including the trawler Brimil and Tjaldrið, immediately set course for ‘Kambur’s’ location. MRCC initiated a MayDay Relay to assess the situation, with messages dispatched to relevant vessels in the area. Unfortunately, before the first responders arrived, ‘Kambur’ had listed significantly, and the crew was seen standing on the ship’s side.

Brimil successfully rescued 13 crew members from the ship’s side and transported them to Suðuroy Hospital before returning to the distressed vessel. One crew member was taken off separately and transferred to land. The total crew count was 16, with two members still missing. One crew member reported that another had gone overboard.

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The search for the missing crew commenced, with Brimil taking charge of coordinating the efforts. Challenging conditions were faced at the search site, with strong northwest winds of 15-18 m/s and wave heights reaching 7 meters. Multiple vessels, including Breiðanes, Hamranes, and Sandshavið, participated in the operation. A British P8 Poseidon aircraft and the Danish Challenger aircraft conducted aerial searches from 16:20 to 21:30 and 18:00 to 21:30, respectively.

The search operation timeline unfolded as follows:


Wednesday, February 7:

– Brimil conducted searches throughout the day.

– The Challenger aircraft conducted searches from 14:00 to 16:00.


Thursday, February 8:

– Tjaldrið relieved Brimil at the scene, allowing the latter to change its crew.

– The search continued throughout the day.


Friday, February 9:

– Tjaldrið conducted searches all day.

– The Challenger aircraft conducted a three-hour search in the afternoon.

– Brimil returned around 14:00 and continued searching for the rest of the day.


Saturday, February 10:

– Brimil and Tjaldrið continued searching throughout the day until 19:00, when the operation was suspended.


Despite the extensive efforts, the challenging conditions and passage of time have led to the decision to conclude the search for the missing crew members of ‘Kambur.’ The maritime community mourns the loss and expresses condolences to the families and loved ones affected by this tragic incident.

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